There are many times you find yourself in a situation where you have to test for drug use. It can be really disappointing having to lose your job or an opportunity probably because you are on medicated marijuana.  

Most workplaces test their staff, especially for marijuana. Although there have been issues that have been raised concerning legalizing marijuana in certain countries until then it is still illegal to use. If you have taken marijuana recently, you should know that it can easily be detected when conducting a simple urine test. The drug stays in around 1-5 days when it is occasionally used but can be in the system for as long as three weeks to six weeks for people who use marijuana frequently.  

Passing hair tests for drug usage:

This method is a new technology which involves hair testing. It can be used to determine drug usage for months aside from how long a person’s hair has grown. These tests are especially able to detect the presence of cocaine, but it is not yet established how well it can be used to test for marijuana. Most employers do not use hair tests to detect marijuana.

What we want our readers to know is how to pass a hair follicle drug test quickly, without risking your job. This testing is usually targeted to Africans who have a more sensitive and thick hair. The FDA has however cautioned the use of hair testing but there still some employers that use it. These tests can be affected by the shampoo that contains some amount of low concentration drugs such as Neutrogena, Head & Shoulders (Fine/Oily), etc. There are many ways to find a website that will point you in the best direction to pass a saliva test as well. They can easily remove toxins from the hair so that THC is not easily detectable. Aside from using these shampoos, it is quite difficult to beat a hair drug test.  

Legal Issues Arising from Drug Tests  

When a person is looking for employment in a company, they have no right to challenge the employer who wants to conduct a pre-employment drug test. In cases where employees are told to do drug tests while in employment, they take legal steps to prevent their employer from conducting arbitrary tests on their staff.  

This calm will only stand if it can be proven that the employees are unjustly tested. Some jurisdictions in the United States prohibit employers from conducting a drug test on current employees except for certain employees who hold safety-sensitive positions in the company.  

If you want to test yourself for drugs, there are many clinics that offer urine testing. Urine test violates a person’s intimate body privacy. It also invades the privacy of many employees who are not even drug abusers. The drug tests imposed by the Government can be restricted under the 4th Amendment right in the constitution of the United States of America that prevents unreasonable search and seizure. It is also the same section that requires probable cause to be given on search warrants. This 4th Amendment right does not, however, apply to drug tests conducted by employers.