The general marketing concepts hardly ever change, but their implementation tools and techniques are continuously evolving. Technology enables companies to be more efficient in their actions, so you have to stay on top of the news and get accustomed to the new trends as they emerge. Here are several concepts, gathered by the students at Brighton School of Business and Management, to base your marketing strategy on:

  1. Mobile Gains Traction

We’ve heard it over and over again, but I have to stress once more the importance of mobile at this time. U.S. consumers spend more time on their mobile devices than they spend in front of their computers. This is the perfect time for brands to get accustomed to mobile searching, mobile user interface optimisation and conversion rates. We are all addicted to our mobile devices and this is something brands and marketers must admit and prioritise.

  1. Target Market Segmentation

Companies should have the demographic profiles of individuals on their direct marketing lists. This is key to accurate targeting of the promotional messages. How would you benefit from sending out one million email messages if you have no clue about all these recipients? Make sure your database includes demographic criteria that enables you to match your promotions with the right consumer profiles.

  1. Distribute Samples Via Social Media

Studies show that most consumers are heavily influenced by sampling campaigns. The majority of people stated they would buy a product if they had the chance to try it. This means that sampling is indeed effective. The only requirement for a successful sampling campaign is to put your product into the right hands. Sampling activities are very easy to do via Facebook or other social networks, as they already store the demographic profiles of their users. By sending samples, marketers can collect vital information to help them track future purchases. Besides, distributing samples via social media allows recipients to share these products with their friends, therefore increasing your brand awareness and leading to ROI maximisation.

  1. Use Brand Ambassadors

Turning employees and loyal followers into brand ambassadors has become one of the latest marketing tactics that work. Business owners may have a hard time understanding the benefits of embracing this concept, but creating brand ambassadors is actually a surefire way to attract more consumers to try your brand and become your paying customers. Create hashtags and offer incentives to people who decide to become your brand ambassadors. In exchange, they will speak about your brand, determining their followers to take a closer look at your social media channels and perhaps to become your customers and your brand advocates.

  1. Marketing Automation

A while ago, only big brands with huge marketing budgets were able to invest in marketing automation tools and software. This made them way more effective than anyone else, giving them a major competitive edge. Times have changed, though, and marketing automation has become widely affordable. This means that you should try to identify and start using the most effective tools to automate your repetitive actions and marketing activities such as email, social media and website promotion. Even a very small business can now afford such tools.

  1. You Need Content Creators

Today, everybody has a voice and can publish their statements on social media platforms. This development has determined brands to hire content creators, writers, video producers and speakers. Furthermore, hiring a great writer isn’t enough to effectively communicate with your audience. You need your writers to have a good knowledge of your niche target market. This is the only way they can craft messages that reach their goals.

  1. Transparency Can Make A Difference

Consumers want brands to be transparent across all their social media channels. In spite of this desire, many brands are still reluctant to offer their followers accurate information about their activities and their intentions.

  1. Social Media Calls For Patience

Marketers lose their motivation if their social media efforts fail to bring them results within the first few months. This is not how social media works, though. Take time to understand your target consumers and your followers, and do your best to offer them the type of content they seek for. With patience and long-term commitment, you can bring these people on your side and turn them into loyal followers and advocates of your brand.

  1. Globalisation Is A Thing Of The Past

Thanks to new technology tools, marketing is becoming more and more individualised. Even global brands start to adjust their regional strategies to match local trends.