There is no doubt that international calls to India can be very expensive and people living overseas are witnesses to this. This means that they have to part with sackfuls of money just to connect with their family and friends back at home and beat homesickness. So how can they alleviate this situation? Well, MyLine has a solution to this.

MyLine has slashed the cost of making international costs so low, that one can arguably say that they have the cheapest rates in the whole world. If you don’t believe this, would you believe that their rates are as low as $0.001 per minute? Unbelievable right? Well, this is the truth and people calling back home in India and other countries can swear to this. The calls are not only cheap, but they are of the utmost quality.

In addition to economical calling, they have PIN-less dialing. This means that when you call, your call is connected automatically and you will not be required to key in a PIN. This means that the calls are fast and easy. In addition, one can add as many phone numbers as they desire. For secure calls, there is the option of PIN required dialing. This feature is especially good for two people who use the same phone.

MyLine also has an auto-recharge feature. This means that the calling card is recharged automatically when its balance gets to a certain limit and this means that it never goes out of credit. For those who do not fancy the auto-recharge feature, there is a manual recharge feature. In this, one is notified when the credit balance goes below the threshold one sets and one is then required to recharge it. One can use any denomination when recharging.

MyLine also affords one the luxury of speed dialing. This means that it is easy for one to dial numbers that have been frequently called by having them dialed automatically. In addition, there is the one touch dialing which enables one to add a local number onto their contact list and dial it without having to input the PIN code.

MyLine also ensures that their wireless users can make long distance and international calls without much hassle. They also ensure that the sound voice quality is the best in spite of their low calling rates. Also, they have transparent billing policies which saves one from the trouble of hidden charges such as maintenance or connection fees.

All this goes to show that MyLine is the best service provider when making international India calls. Try them out today.