There are around 24 million eCommerce businesses around the world. 

Every year there are new businesses that are opening. There are businesses that transforming from brick and mortar to an eCommerce store. 

But what is the difference when it comes to eCommerce vs brick and mortar? What are the differences when it comes to marketing and selling your product? 

There’s actually a major difference. And it’s important to know if you want more revenue in your business. 

Here’s a guide that explains the difference when it comes to marketing eCommerce products vs brick and mortar marketing. 

eCommerce Marketing

When it comes to eCommerce marketing, the focus is on digital strategies. That means you need to update your website and everything else that has your online presence. 

It means you need to focus on user engagement with your online presence. If you aren’t speaking to your customers in-person, it means you need to create content that speaks to your target market.

It means you need marketing techniques that engage the user and why your product is beneficial to them. 

Part of this means you need stellar blog content, social media content, as well as email marketing strategies. When you give your target market useful and relevant content, it helps produce leads and accrue more revenue. 

Brick and Mortar Marketing 

Marketing retail or marketing for brick and mortar businesses is far different than eCommerce marketing because it’s about the physicality of the store. 

When you are trying to do brick and mortar marketing, location will be very important. You need to use your location to your advantage when you are trying to market to your ideal customer. 

Your location is important because it’s how you know your demographics and who lives in the surrounding city. It’s how you figure out what works for your business because you understanding how people shop in your city. 

Another factor to consider with brick and mortar marketing is providing a unique customer experience. You have to consider what they see or smell in your business. 

You have to consider what people perceive in your business that plays a critical role in how you advertise in brick and mortar businesses. For example, having a bakery business is about seeing what cakes and baked items look like, but it’s also about the smell of it. 

If someone walks by and smells your bakery, you have a better chance of driving in more business. 

Now You Know the Difference Between eCommerce vs Brick and Mortar Marketing

Understanding the difference between eCommerce vs brick and mortar businesses is critical to know because they each have unique marketing differences.

Although, if you have a brick and mortar business that is also online, it can be helpful to know both marketing strategies. 

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