If you are starting a business especially new, you must take into careful consideration the kind of signage you are going to make. Some new business owners tend to forget the importance of this and don’t bother spending time or money in it, which could be fatal if you want your business to be recognized.

In this day and age, many competitions in the market could easily grasp the attention of the consumers. Professional signage like the kind produced by Signarama is the fastest way to lure a customer into checking the shop. If you have boring signage outside of your establishment, chances are the possible customer will go to another shop because they would think it is going to be a more interesting one. We need to get their attention in the fastest way possible or something else might come into view. We, of course, do not want that to happen.

The very first thing to keep in mind with this is that signage is similar to your identity. Now, if your shop doesn’t show an identity distinct from others, the people won’t easily recognize it. It will just blend in the background with other unidentifiable brands or shops out there. We only want camouflage in the military, but never with our businesses. We need to strive to stand out from the crowd as much as possible. Hence, we need to carefully consider three things in mind when we are making our signage.

Here are the top three things to remember in making your signage stand out:


You might think that colors are non-important when making signage, but it is. It is one of the crucial factors because the color is the first thing that would catch your possible customer’s eyes. Picking bright colors is one of the best options in this case.

Do not choose the popular color at the time. If you do, you will need to change it now and then since this changes from time to time. This is not only costly but also not worth it. Changing colors from time to time won’t make your brand recognizable.

Also, if you have noticed you could easily associate brands with colors alone. One example is the popular soda brand Coca-Cola that upon hearing alone, we immediately associate with the black and red colors. I need to remind you not to forget to check on the psychology of colors in marketing and branding when creating your signage.

Readable Signage

If you want your audience to easily catch your signage, make it readable. If your background is yellow, make the font red or another color that isn’t close to the shade of yellow. Contrast is everything when it comes to signage. If you got some shades for the front and background, the tendency is that the font will blend with the background color.

Now, if your signage is dim, another way around this is creating an outline for your text, highlight it.

Large Fonts

When we are making signage, keep in mind that our goal is to reach as many customers as possible. If we use small font sizes, possible customers may not even see it at all. No matter if we use a bright color or not and even if we put an outline to make emphasis on it. It just won’t work at all.

We want our brand to be recognized, so we have to use larger font sizes that even at a distance people could see. To make it recognizable from a distance, the font size should be at least an inch larger for every ten feet. For instance, in a 100 feet distance, the font sizes should be at least 10 inches in height.

Another key is through the use of typeface. If you got a complex design, picking a clear typeface will surely help in making your signage far more recognizable. We do not want our possible customers confused after all.

Now after you’re all done with your signage, another important thing you shouldn’t forget is placing it in a strategic place. After all, no matter how recognizable your signage is if it weren’t in the right place, it would not matter at all. Putting it in an alley where no passerby goes through is pointless. The best place to put it is somewhere out in public.

You can put your signage on the roadside or inside of a store. There are quite a few instances wherein people who walk by and do not plan to go anywhere after work or school stopped by just to check out a place after seeing and getting curious about the signage. Hence, the signage must be put somewhere easily seen by people passing. This is a definite way to attract more customers into going and checking your shop.