If you’re a struggling filmmaker and trying to make a name in this business, or if you simply want to earn money making and financing feature films, you could start your own production company. While the idea might seem grandiose at first, you’d be surprised at how many successful production companies started from a basement. The process of building a film production company is straightforward and doesn’t require tons of money or powerful backing either.  Here are the steps you should follow to successfully start a movie production company.

Create Your New Corporation

Before you do anything else, get the legal paperwork in order. This is a business, and it should be treated as such. Pick a name. Register your new company under that name. Understand what types of tax forms you may need to file. Get a bank account set up in your business’ name so that it is easier to do your taxes when tax time rolls around. Set up a website in the new business’ name. Create social media profiles for your new company. This will give your movie production company more legitimacy when they perform an internet search on the business name.

Start Raising Money

There are a variety of ways you can raise money for your new movie production company. You can apply for government funding. You can take your business to major production studios. You can seek money from angel investors, family, and friends or crowdfunding sites. You could try to get money from a brand in exchange for product placement. You want to have at least some money before you start hiring your team.

Build Your Filmmaking Team

There are a variety of roles that need to be filled, and no one can fill all of them. The first role to fill is the head of development; this is the person who finds and assesses scripts. This isn’t necessary if you wrote your own script. The head of production will make sure that the films are created on time and on budget. If you’re filling this role, you still need to find people to film your script.

To do this, start by searching for a Miami video production crew. They’ll help you paint the perfect picture with their high definition cameras according to your script. By relying on professionals for the filming, you can focus on finding actors, keeping investors up to date, securing permits or handling financial matters.

The head of post-production will edit the film and add special effects if necessary. The fourth major role is the head of film sales and distribution. This role can include raising money via crowdfunding and distributing the film to your social media followers.

Distribute Your Film

Once the film is done, you need to distribute it according to your business plan. If you’re filming commercials, presentations or movies for clients, then you simply hand them the finished product. If you’re sharing the film via the internet, you’ll need to promote it heavily on social media. If the goal is major distribution, you should be entering it in film festivals or attending trade shows.


Demand for film production is growing faster than average, but you’re competing with amateurs with nothing but a cell phone. This means you must have a solid business plan and execute it flawlessly to succeed in this business.