Are you looking for an Internship in Australia? Well first of all if you are still a student, your university or college career office should have the information that you are looking for. Sometimes, your university or college might have partnerships with companies who hire interns from your particular institution. You could even check with the alumni network or find find PGP Australia, an internship service in AU. They would surely help you out. Also, check some of the job boards. Then you need to take a careful look at the job market. Find out what companies are offering internship programs. General internet searches should give you a basic idea.

Company shortlists – You will need to make a shortlist of all the companies that are apt for your field and also offer an internship in Australia programs. These should match your interests and should be able to forward your career. Go through their websites, their career pages, their social media like LinkedIn or Facebook. Find out about their requirements, eligibility criteria and other steps that might be needed for the application process. If you are looking for some particular information and are unable to find it, you can always email the company. Their contact details would be listed on their website.

Once you are armed with all this info, the next step would be filling out your application and submitting it, go through the screening interviews or tests if any. Most companies would expect you to be able to cover your expenses and be available for the duration of your internship in Australia. Also, they would need you to have a valid visa if you are an international student.

Startups – If you are more thorough with your net research you would be able to find quite a few startups too. Several startups look for interns. It is always worth a try to drop in an email. It would be a great opportunity to gather some experience at startups. It would be like working right at the start and learning the ropes the right way.

However, you need to keep in mind that if you are an international student, then it can often be an expensive affair especially for startups. To hire an intern means associated with HR and legal costs for them. Hence it is up to you to show them what value you can bring in for their organization. You need to understand their organization and business and explain to them how your skills would be suitable for their particular business and needs.

Other than this, you can also try going to an internship in Australia placement providers. However, this can be a little pricey for you. If you are more of a do it yourself person you can try some job search sites like say Gumtree, CareerOne and Seek. There are endless ways in which you can try. One more thing to keep in mind is that your resume should be updated and that your cover letter needs to be very attractive and needs to pull the organization to hire you.