Are you eagerly waiting for a crucial live webinar by an industry expert? Webinars are a great tool to understand your industry and market from the insights of pundits in your industry. A smart entrepreneur should make sure to catch up with these live webinars often to hone up his knowledge about his market and business overall. But what if you are unable to check the webinar live for some urgent chore? The problem is the video streaming sites don’t even offer the download facilities which means you can’t even save it and watch later.

But then, not to worry as leading software developer Movavi has launched a high end screen recording Mac software that will solve the issue for you. The software will allow you to capture the entire recording live and save it in your Mac so that you can study it later.

You must be intrigued to know more about the Movavi software by now? Well, the post below offers a brief review on Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac for your convenience.

Captures all kinds of videos online

One of the best parts of Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is it is able to capture all kinds of videos online. These could be Skype calls with your clients or webinars by industry leaders or even TV series and movies. It will capture HD videos too and can record audio clips as well.

Captures under preferred parameters

Then, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is able to capture any video according to the parameters set by the user. You can define the capture area, volume level, frame rate and so on. If you wish to include a voice-over, you can do that as well by connecting your microphone to the Mac system.

Edit recording

Interestingly, the Movavi program is not just about screen recording. It can also help with editing functions. For example, you can use the software to edit out unwanted footage or add your choice of music. The program is also bustling with a wide range of special effects and filters to improve the visual quality of the capture.

Helps with video conversion

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac can also help with video conversion. Yes, if you want to show your capture to others, you will need to make sure the video can be played on their devices. For example, you will send the video on their mobile phones. So, in that case, you must convert the video in a mobile-friendly format with the help of Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. The Movavi program supports all kinds of media formats and various mobile devices.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac:

  • Captures all sorts of videos online
  • Helps to create desktop videos and take screenshots
  • Allows easy experiment with special effects and filters
  • Super speedy conversion into any format with no loss of quality