Ever thought what it takes to disturb a sound sleep? How does a person wake up at the middle of the night? Well, nothing can be as irritating as hearing ‘drip, drip, drip’- the sound of dripping water from the bathroom. This dripping needs immediate attention of a pro who is aware of the causes and possible solutions. Would be wondering what’s wrong with the drainage? Due to high water pressure, piping usually breaks or may also lose its performance after decades, thus leading to myriads of problems that quite a few people could treat on their own. They immediately require drain repair Toronto service for rescue.

Here, the thing to remember is that the mission of finding a reliable drain repair contractor would require homeowners to face a lot of problems. There are countless service providers in the market who claim to bring the best out of their drain services Toronto. But, is it true practically? Do homeowners expect the same quality and efficiency from all? Obviously, they couldn’t. Every drain repair contractor holds certain skills and expertise to analyze problems and recommend solutions accordingly.

Drain problems in bathrooms and kitchens are quite difficult to find and treat. They usually need more plumbing efforts than the rest of the home. Since there are stacks of toilet papers, bottles, boxes and the likes, no one could detect leaks easily, which ultimately harm cabinets, ceilings and floorings in one way the other.

Potential Signs of Trouble

So, it’s better to have basic understanding of what can go wrong with the plumbing system and why homeowners have to keep check on the need of drain repair Toronto. Here are some symptoms to consider:

  • Pungent odor, water stains or puddles in the cabinet
  • Damages on the cabinetry
  • Water of the floor
  • Damaged or loose flooring at the sink area

Once the problem is identified, the next step is to find the source or solution, which involves the following steps:

  1. Take out everything from the area beneath the sink
  2. Cover the area with paper towel or white towel
  3. Now open the tap, let water flow through the drain pipe and watch carefully for dripping signs
  4. Use the same method for kitchen sink
  5. Check pipe connections along with that of garbage disposals and dishwashers
  6. In case of leak in a shower or tub, try to access the plumbing below drain or faucet or behind plumbing

Time to Fix!

For minor drain problems, the method is fairly simple and easy to do by homeowners:

  • For a slip joint leak, start with the slip nut and tighten it properly. If nothing happens, then coat the washer with a joint compound and put it back to the place. Check the drain by flowing water through it.
  • In case the basket strainer leaks, tighten its rings nut and wait for some time. If it still leaks, then remove the basket strainer and add a new one with the help of putty as a sealant.