Today, it is very common for businesses to be built from the cooperation between organizations in different countries. From pooling resources to combining top talent, these companies aim to offer high-quality products that, ultimately, make life so much easier.

Many entrepreneurs, particularly those who took advantage of free zones in the MENA region, have come to experience the perks of teaming up with a local partner. If you’re among the people behind this wonderful cooperation, then there’s a good chance that you’ll need to travel for business frequently.

But while being part of an intercontinental network can be rewarding, you’ll find that choosing a hotel for every business trip abroad can be challenging. Aside from trying to get the most out of what you pay for, there are other things you must check before booking a hotel in Qatar or any other Arab country.

To make an informed decision, below is a list of the five most important factors you must consider when selecting a hotel to stay in for the duration of your business trip abroad:

1.   Customer Reviews

Aside from allowing people to communicate instantly across geographical borders, the Internet has also paved the way for individuals to publicize their opinion on many various topics. This is particularly useful in determining the quality of service certain establishments have to offer.

Since it’s now very easy to write recommendations and comments, you can get reviews about a particular hotel you plan to stay in when going on a business trip. Be it from a simple Google search query or a TripAdvisor search, you should be able to find plenty of helpful comments to decide whether the hotel is perfect for your business trip.

When doing so, make sure to filter the reviews according to the purpose set for your trip.

For example, you can tick “business traveler” on the filter list to see which hotels are best suited for work-related trips. There are also some platforms that separate accommodation for solo travelers from those that offer rooms for groups. Once you do this, you should be able to gather at least five top hotels that cater to your specific needs.

Another excellent tip you should follow when reading online reviews is to start with the negative ones first and write down comments adjacent to the hotel names on your list. This can range from the quality and taste of the food to the cleanliness and friendliness of the hotel staff.

Check if there’s a common theme across the bad reviews (e.g., slow or unreliable internet). If there is indeed one, then the complaints are probably true since more than one guest wrote about it.

2.   Complete Amenities

One major factor business travelers must consider is the kind of amenities hotels provide during their stay. While you’re not in the office, you’re still technically working. You’re on a “business” trip, after all.

Although your trip can’t be considered a vacation, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your accommodation should be uncomfortable. For this reason, you must look for hotels with amenities and facilities that can be considered essential for most business travelers.

For one, an excellent hotel for business travelers should have a reliable and speedy Internet connection to help you maintain productivity throughout your stay. Having a phone inside each hotel room, a dedicated work area complete with chairs and desks, and an all-in-one business center that is open 24/7 can also prove to be useful when you’re on a business trip.

3.   Meeting Spaces

Aside from facilities that you can use on your own, you should also look for viable spaces within the hotel’s vicinity that are ideal for meeting up with your business partners.

While cafes are okay for casual one-on-one chats, a business meeting or group brainstorming session may require a more private setting that can cater to several people. If you’re hosting the gathering, you should also seek out a hotel with conference rooms that come with excellent audio-visual support and catering services. This will make it easier for you to manage the meeting and make the most out of your time during your business trip.

4.   Proximity and Location

Another consideration you should think about when picking a hotel for your business travel is its location and proximity to business establishments.

First, you’d want a hotel that doesn’t require a five-block walk in dark alleys just so you can get a decent meal within your allotted travel budget. And if your meeting place isn’t within the hotel itself, it is better to pick an accommodation that is near or, at least, accessible via a cab ride.

You can also reserve a room at a top Qatar hotel that is close to an airport. This will reduce the travel time before and after your flight – if not, remove it altogether.

5.   Safety and Security

One thing you don’t need while on a business trip is that nagging worry that someone is following you across the street or trying to pry your bags open while you’re not in your room. That said, you have to make sure that you pick a hotel where you’ll feel safe both inside and outside the premises.

Aside from digging some information about the hotel itself, you must also do some research about the place where it is located. This brings you full circle to the first item on this list: reading customer reviews. In most cases, a hotel’s past clients will also share some insights into the surrounding community where the establishment is nestled in.

As for the hotel itself, check if the room you’ll be staying in can only be opened using keycards. Also, rooms should only be accessible via a well-lit and secure lobby, so the front desk personnel can see anyone who passes through. It is also better if security cameras are monitoring the hallways 24/7 to see the comings and goings of the people within the building.

A Final Word

Your accommodation is only one of the many aspects of a business trip you must plan for before you travel abroad. Make sure that you pick the right establishment to trust by keeping these important factors in mind before booking.