How to make an attractive Curriculum Vitae? Has this question ever bothered you, Smart Buddy? Sooner or later, CV (Curriculum Vitae) will pay attention to us. That’s why we need to know and learn about how to make a Curriculum Vitae. Then let’s do it, guys!

Understanding CV / Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae or CV is a document that provides information about the qualifications of a job seeker. Information mentioned in a curriculum vitae that includes personal data, educational background, achievements, skills, professional experience, and others.

The meaning of CV is “my life’s journey.” Because it is intended to apply for a job, the CV must contain information that is able to describe our professional and academic experience. To find an attractive template can be seen Sorority Social Resume Template.

Fill in the Required CV Format

As previously mentioned, the CV should reflect your academic achievements and professional experience. Therefore, what must be included in the CV are:

1. Personal data such as full name, place and date of birth, address, telephone number that can be contacted, email address

2. Educational history which includes alma mater and degree

3. Work experience includes positions you have worked in, job descriptions, companies where you work, also include experiences in organizational activities, volunteers, or internships

4. Supporting skills that satisfy expertise in carrying out tasks and work.

The important points of the CV above are listed in chronological order. Include the necessary descriptions or explanations at each point, so that the trip describes a complete and clear picture. If there is, also write down such as defending the competition or additional information that is deemed necessary to be included as part of the contents of the CV. Go to Sorority Resume Template With Photo and you will found awesome template there.

How to Make a CV

The important parts of the CV above should not be left out, but we add information that supports a professional image without being able to format the CV itself. And don’t forget, pal. The CV format must also look attractive. job applicants are not just us? You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd!

That is why, apart from learning about how to make a good and correct CV, we must also know how to make an attractive CV. But what is it like, a cool and interesting CV? Take a time for Sorority Recruitment Resume Template.

Here are some examples of Curriculum Vitae as a reference that we can study. Of course, Buddy Pintar can adapt the examples below when creating your own version of an attractive CV.