Scrabble Go is one of the most popular online word games available today. The developers of the game have brought the traditional word game to the mobile phones, with many other interesting features to add fun to the game.

The best thing about Scrabble Go is that there will be many members, who are waiting to compete with you. You can also use the chatting features to communicate with them directly.

However, you will not be able to see the opponents while playing any online games. What it means is that you will not have any idea if they are using word solving websites like the for help with unscrambling the letters on their racks.

If it is just friendly game, then is not really a problem. However, nobody likes the idea of losing repeatedly. At some stage, you will start thinking that the opponent is cheating to gain high points on the game.

At the same time, there is a strong possibility that you are actually playing with a really good player. You cannot simply come to the conclusion that the opponents are cheating on the game, just because they are playing really good. You cannot call them out as cheats either, because there is no real evidence to support your suspicion.

You will find it interesting to know that even some of the best players also take help from websites like whenever they get stuck. They might not use this word solving tools for all their moves. 

Now with that being the case, it can be really difficult task to know if your friend is winning repeatedly against you by using the unscrambler tool.

Is Not Playing With Your Friend The Right Solution?

No one will really admit or agree to cheating, if you call them out by using the chat feature. One thing that you can do here is finish off that game, and not accept any future requests from that individual. Remember that you will be doing so only based on your feelings and opinion, and not based on facts. 

As already mentioned above, your friend might actually be great Scrabble Go player. By blocking off players, you could actually miss out on opportunities to play and learn from experts. It is not really the best solution, because you will be weeding out both, good and bad players.

Few tips to spot word game cheaters:

  • Your friend keeps repeatedly creating sophisticated words.
  • Your friend is constantly making weird words that are not in common use.
  • Your friend is making complex words too quickly.
  • Your friend is using too many blank tiles instead of saving them for Bingo

The above mentioned points can be helpful, but they are not the foolproof ways to spot the cheaters.

If you are smart, you could probably use the chatting option to communicate effectively without making any accusations, and get to know more about the opponent. You will probably be able to access about the person’s vocabulary skills, with the way he or she responds to your communication.