By: Smabs SputzerYour business can achieve many goals through corporate merchandising, and this can include building customer loyalty, defining brand identity and increasing brand awareness. Your business can achieve many goals through corporate merchandising, and this can include building customer loyalty, defining brand identity and increasing brand awareness.

But the effectiveness of any promotional merchandise is pegged on getting the message out and ensuring it reaches the right audience and that it strikes the right chord. Doing this positively encourage you to reach out and associate with your customers and thus help you achieve your marketing objectives. Below are a few points, explained by a web design agency in Basingstoke, that you should take into account to ensure the success of your corporate merchandise campaign.


The right message is important when reaching out to your target market. But you should have a clear picture of what you want to achieve so that you can know which message to send. Are you focused on attracting new clients or are you keen on rewarding the existing one? Is the merchandise designed as a reminder that will make your customers want to do more business in future?

You will only start messaging your target market once you have defined the objectives of your promotional merchandise; the messages should be geared towards achieving those goals. In short, defining your goals will guide you on the choices you will make for the commodity.

Know Your Target Audience

Picking the right messaging that which merchandise to work with requires you to have an in-depth knowledge of your target market. For instance, a promotional sports bottle with a motivating message is ideal for fitness or sports business than it would if it were meant for a law firm.

Know your customers, their needs and what their opinions about other brands that are similar to yours, and you can use this information carefully tailor your messaging and ensure it addresses the customers’ needs and expectations.

Take into account the notable concerns and pain expressed by your clients and then figure out if what you are offering addresses those issues. Also, consider how you will summarize all that into the messaging. Doing this will help you create an engaging messaging that connects with your customers at a personal level. When To Dish Out Corporate


Numerous instances are there where businesses or individuals give out corporate merchandise, but it is the target occasion that has a direct influence on your choice of merchandise and the messaging to use.

Business conferences, tradeshows, and industry events are often done as a means of reaching out to new clients while also establishing a solid brand awareness.  The messaging should come forth in a simple yet bold demeanour as this can have a huge impact on your efforts to have an edge on your competitors. The promotional merchandise can be something as simple as a branded pen that contains your company’s contacts.

Choosing Your Promotional Message

By understanding your target audience, you will know the best way to communicate with them based on their needs and expectations. You can then formulate your promotional message in a manner that answers those needs, which is exactly what you need to communicate.

In the message, make sure that address your customer’s concerns up front, it will increase the likelihood of your clients opting to do business with your again. So, the value of that propositions is or should be on your merchandise, and there is a constant reminder. You are likely to see positive results if you carefully create the messaging for your corporate merchandise addresses the client’s key concerns.

How to Fit Your Messaging to Your Merchandise

Take some time to figure out how the messaging will fit with your promotional merchandise. Size will matter, in this case, you will do fewer details if the product is small.
But then again, the messaging may dictate the what product size to use. If you have short text, then something like a promotional pen will work. If the message is long and with in-depth information, then you should consider working with suitable promotional items such as promotional shopping bags. These can also be an advertising tool since they offer free exposure to the public as owners carry them around their community.