People who do not travel frequently might ask themselves why they need to reach out to a car rental company in Singapore. In the city-state, its comparatively well-developed commute and public transport system helps you get around fairly easily to many locations. Sometimes, though, people’s circumstances make it difficult for daily commutes. It might be too inconvenient to commute every day as it reduces their productivity. They might have to travel frequently and be on time for certain events, appointments, and more. Their only option might be to find personal means of transportation.

Unfortunately, the car buying process is not as simple (or affordable) in Singapore as it is in other countries. Because Singapore has limited space and a growing population, traffic congestion is a real concern that needs consideration. The Singapore government seeks to curb congestion and discourage private car ownership. As a result, buying a car in Singapore might come with added taxes and responsibilities that might be too expensive for the average traveller.

How long can your car rental contract duration be?

Even for people who can afford a great car to drive, it might be infeasible to purchase one. Certain factors, such as length of stay in Singapore and the amount of time you need the vehicle, make the high cost of car ownership unjustifiable.

An easy solution that fits neatly between commuting and car ownership is renting a car for your needs. The best car rental service in Singapore will boast a selection of cars that you can drive. Sometimes, you can even see services for specific rental durations and situations.

Transportation is necessary whenever you need convenient transportation to faraway places. Rental cars allow you to use vehicles for a certain period. You can find car rental companies that provide contracts as short as one day or as long as a few years.

Here are the types of car rental contracts you might find, according to the duration of your rental.

1) Short term rental contracts

Short term car rentals are those that last for only a few days to less than a month. You can rent a car for short periods when you have a special event that needs transportation. For example, you can hire a shuttle bus to transport guests to an event. You can also explore wedding car rental services in Singapore for your big day. Short term rental services are great for single-day events or for when you need transportation for important guests.

2) Medium-term rental contracts

Medium-term car rentals let you use a vehicle for months up to a year. If you are not staying in the country for long, a medium-term rental contract might be the most appropriate option for you. Car companies can provide car rental contracts that last for months to individuals on business trips or visiting relatives in Singapore. Buying a car for the relatively short period you are staying in the area does not make sense. You will not get the most out of your car.

This is why a car rental is the best option for you. If you are an employee who needs to drive to different destinations, you will only shoulder the rental cost until you do not need it anymore. Medium-term rental contracts also allow you to test out the type of vehicle you want before you decide to buy them. They’re ideal for temporary visitors and people on the fence about driving cars. Business travellers can look into a company car lease while travellers can look into car rentals with tour guides and other professional services.

3) Long term rental contracts

Long term car rentals are those that last for years. Vehicles are prohibitively expensive and require down payments that many individuals cannot shoulder. Car rental fees are more manageable in comparison– sometimes, rental companies allow you to modify contracts according to your needs.

The best thing about car rentals is that renters do not have to shoulder the expensive fees related to car ownership in Singapore. Such fees include not only the exorbitant taxes slapped on car purchases but also the CoE (Certificate of Entitlement) fees that permit a car on Singapore’s streets. A car rental company in Singapore can help you find more affordable alternatives that won’t put a strain on your finances.

The key to finding the right car rental company


When looking for a car to rent, you do not have to go far. Several companies offer vehicles of all kinds for your purposes. You can find an ordinary sedan that you can take to work, or a corporate car that you can use to ferry employees to business meetings. Or maybe if you need a wedding car rental for your special day, you can find the right car easily. Focus on choosing the best company.

Check out the contract the car rental company provides you and check if the duration of rental services matches your needs. Compare prices across different companies and see if you get the best deal for your rental. Lastly, check out the vehicles they offer. You want to examine the exact vehicle you will use on your travels.

Some vehicles and service types should have professional drivers to assist you on your travels. For example, If you seek to rent a limousine service for a party, the company should provide you with a trained chauffeur. If you hire a bus to transport a large group, you need a licensed bus driver for your journey.

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