Every consumer is unique. You have your own needs, desires, and dreams, just like your neighbor has their own goals and necessities.

These points are just a few factors that determine favorite brands.

Shopping isn’t just an everyday experience. It’s also a psychological experience. Brands hold everything from sentimental to cultural value.

What ties consumers to brands isn’t just quality, but an emotional connection. It’s what separates name-brand peanut butter from generic store-brand peanut butter. They both taste the same, but one brand holds more personal value than the other.

Brand loyalty also plays a role in determining the best laptop brands.

Do you find yourself trusting a particular laptop brand over another simply because you grew up with that brand?

Studies show that brand loyalty starts in childhood and carries over into adulthood. Since brand loyalty is deeply rooted in childhood, it’s hard for newer brands to complete with established name brands. It’s no surprise that today’s laptop market is still dominated by industry heavyweights from the 80s and 90s.

Is brand loyalty costing you, though? You may be missing out on the perfect computer for your goals.

Open your mind, and take a closer look at the features defining top laptop brands.

Easy Out-of-the-Box Solutions

It’s not enough to sell a laptop without programs. All top laptop models come with popular programs pre-installed.

Most laptops come with some type of “office suite,” like Microsoft Office or Google Docs. For example, many PC computers come with Microsoft Office, while Macbooks come with Apple’s own word processors.

Netbooks, on the other hand, come with cloud-based office suites.

Netbooks are a fraction of the price of other top laptops; however, you’re limited to using web-based apps and unable to download most software, like Photoshop classic. You would have to use the online version of Photoshop or Adobe.

Whether you’re buying a PC, Mac, or netbook, you can use your computer right out of the box!

Some top brands also come with Skype, music players, antivirus software, movie players, video games, art programs, and more. Look carefully at the specs, so you can score the perfect combination of programs for your goals.

Determining Top High-Performance Brands

Who likes waiting forever for a laptop to load?

Slow-loading start screens, web pages, and programs means it’s time for an upgrade. They’re also signs of lackluster “new” computers. If you name-brand laptop is chugging along, a memory upgrade or battery replacement should do the trick.

If a laptop is having performance problems, it means there’s not enough memory to process your programs. Look for high-performance laptops with at least an i7 Intel Core processor, preferably i9, at least 16 GB gigabytes of RAM, and over 500GB of computer storage.

High-performance laptops are best suited for gaming, 3D graphics and modeling work, animation, filmmaking, music production, and software development. You can also add a second monitor to manage multiple computer projects.

Long Battery Life

A healthy battery life is another sign of a top laptop brand. Look for computers with 16-hour long battery life or more. Some top brands even clock in at 18-hour battery life, which is ideal for gaming.

Poor battery life isn’t necessarily a sign of a low-quality computer. Battery life shortens over time, even in the most reliable laptop models. You can extend battery life with a battery replacement or use a portable charger when you’re on the road.

While battery life decreases over time, laptop batteries themselves should last at least four years. However, brand new computers should have long-lasting battery life right out of the box.

Choosing the Best Laptop Brands for Entertainment

Forget work. If your career isn’t tied to your computer, then splurge on a high-quality laptop for entertainment.

High-performance laptops are great, but if you don’t want to pay the premium price, look for laptops with at least 4GB RAM, preferably 12 or 16GB at the most, and decent HD screen resolution at 1920X1080.

However, screen resolution and screen size aren’t the end all or be all. You can always hook up your laptop to a TV monitor with an HDMI cable. If the TV monitor is HD, you could forego a pricier computer.

Wireless netbooks make excellent entertainment computers, especially for professionals and students on-the-go. Furthermore, more top brands are producing their own versions of netbooks, complete with pre-installed online office programs and more.

Wireless netbooks are small and compact with 7-inch screen sizes. The latest tablet-netbook laptops let users rotate the screen a full 360 degrees; you can use it as a standard tablet, regular computer, or turn it into a “TV stand” at 270-degrees.

Netbooks are best suited for streaming Netflix, Google Play movies, and other web-based entertainment apps. These computers are not built for high-performance gaming, business operations, graphic design, and other activities that require a lot of RAM.

Most netbooks must be connected to the internet for maximum performance. While some offline activities are possible, many netbooks require internet access for sign in, so you may have no choice but to work offline. Luckily, you can turn your smartphone into an internet hotspot when working outside of the house.

Read the Reviews

Do you thoroughly read reviews before purchasing a laptop? If not, your fellow customers have a lot to say. Consumers aren’t afraid to sound off on the very best (and worst) top brands have to offer.

There are several ways to read customer reviews. You can always check top review sites like Yelp. Consumer Affairs, computer review magazines, tech blogs, and Amazon all have authentic customer reviews.

Shipping Satisfaction

Look for reviews that detail shipping issues, like broken parts, delayed shipping, shipping costs, and communication. You want to make sure your laptop gets to your house in one piece. If a brand is having frequent shipping problems, that’s a red flag.

Product defects is another red flag. How often does a company’s laptops arrive broken, dirty, or mishandled? One or two times may be a fluke, but frequent issues are a problem.

Laptop Screen Quality

One of the most expensive parts of a laptop is the screen. Once the screen goes, you have no choice but to get a replacement.

You don’t want a laptop screen that easily cracks. Look for customer reviews on screen quality; are customer pleased or unhappy with their screen quality?

5-Star Laptop Warranties

This is a big one.

Make sure your new laptop has a good warranty that covers repairs and replacements within a reasonable time frame. Great warranties are another sign of a top laptop company; however, read the fine print! Certain damages may not be covered under warranty.

Excellent Customer Service

Outstanding shipping and good warranty plans are two hallmarks of stellar customer service, another trait of the best laptop brands.

Accidents happens. Whether you need repairs or a refund, the best laptop brands care about their customers.

Look for 24/7 customer service, online chat agents, customer forums, social media accounts, and email. Top brands should be accessible across several communication channels. In fact, electronics brands are quick to respond on Twitter!

Customizing The Best Laptop Brands

This next point is up for debate because some top laptop brands aren’t easily customized. However, many computer owners feel the ability to upgrade a laptop as a sign of a top brand. This debate distinguishes PCs from Apple Mac laptops.

Mac laptops are not as easily customized like PC computer. It’s much harder to take apart a Mac laptop and change its operating system, which is not the case with PCs. Owners can completely transform PC laptops with brand new or used parts.

If you want to built a laptop from scratch, it’s easier to purchase PC parts and build a beginner PC at home. In fact, you can build your own gaming PC, too. However, building a Mac from scratch isn’t so easy.

How to Get the Best Price for Your Laptop

Top laptop brands are high-quality, but this doesn’t mean you have to pay the premium price. There are several ways to cut costs on your new laptop.

Your first stop is the manufacturer’s website itself. For example, if you’re in the market for a Lenovo, you would check out the company’s website for deals. Next, you would look for Lenovo deals from retailers.

Electronics purchases are ideal for the holiday season. The best deals come at Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, you can score impressive deals right after the holidays.

If you aren’t into couponing, now’s the best time to start. Some of the best laptop deals are nestled right in your daily paper, especially the Sunday editions. If the coupons are stackable, even better!

Next, check for exclusive online promo codes. Online shopping is exploding, and retailers are eager to capitalize on growing web traffic. Check top eCommerce sites or coupon aggregate websites for the latest online promo codes.

Discover the Right Brand

With so many laptops available, choose only from the best laptop brands. Follow these tips to narrow down on the perfect laptop for your project.

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