The recent updates on WhatsApp fines issued by regulators and other Wall Street firms emphasize the importance of choosing an optimal communication tool for business communication. However, this may seem easier said than done with the emergence of trends like hybrid work and mobile-first communication.

The features and specifications for team-wide communication depend on how it will be used. Some factors to remember are whether the application or software used for communication is centered around interacting with customers.

There are some cases wherein the management may need a channel where they can broadcast information and conduct live online events like webinars and video conferences. The management might also opt for a group chat or video call application where they can gain employee input.

Support for All Types of Communication

One of the capabilities that the chosen communication tool must have is support for all types of communication. Employees must have a communication tool where they can make calls, send texts, and share multimedia files with a group.

Along with enabling communication, the platform must also have a reasonable backup so companies can record voice calls and text messages. This is extremely crucial since regulators are now warning organizations even to regulate emoji use.

Another essential tool to look out for is the ability to perform call monitoring for regulatory compliance. Monitoring and recording interactions with clients and customers can also help organizations know their employees’ performance.

Scalable and Reliable for Use Globally by Remote Workforce

The chosen communication tool must also be scalable and reliable for use in remote teams. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram have millions of users worldwide who can seamlessly use them across different devices and networks with minimal downtime.

Scalability across the increasing workforce must also not be overlooked. Telegram is a recommended application as it enables up to 200,000 users to be part of a group. Other apps are also catching up with the capability to stay connected with a large number of customers and employees.

Knowing how to choose the right communication tool for a business can help ensure smooth operations in organizations. A real-time capture, retention, and maintenance solution and communication tool can make it easier for companies to comply with regulations and monitor business-related interactions among customers and employees.