With over 14.2 million gamers within Australia alone, you can find that 33% of that population are women and men who play PC games. That puts Australia on the number 14 rank worldwide in terms of residents that play all types of video games, which racks up $1.3 billion in revenue. Those figures are enough to tell you that almost every Australian household will have one person playing video games.

If you are interested in PC gaming, make sure that you get the right computer to ensure you play the games that you like. However, you might not be able to play PC games since you are always out of the house travelling, so the best option you have is to look for gaming laptops in Australia. If you do not have experience choosing one, make sure to remember the different choosing tips.

Tip #1: Choosing the Right Laptop Screen Size

When you buy a gaming laptop in Australia, the first tip you need to keep in mind is to learn what laptop screen size you are comfortable using. Most of the time, gaming laptops will have the standard 15.6” screen size, perfect for bringing around and placing in your laptop bag.

But if you are not comfortable with small screen sizes, you can still find other laptops with a 17.3” screen size. The laptop screen size is essential because it can strain their eyes if they keep squinting to see what is on the screen. You should also test out the laptop screens when you get the chance to determine what laptop screen size is comfortable for your eyes.

Tip #2: Choosing the Laptop’s Thickness

You can find gaming laptops in Australia come in different thicknesses because it will usually depend on the components installed inside them. The laptop’s thickness can also be due to the manufacturer’s design, so you have to determine if you are comfortable buying a thin or thick gaming laptop.

You might need a thin gaming laptop if you plan on carrying it all around with you every day since it will not be heavy and will not take up too much space inside your bag. However, a thick gaming laptop is usually heavy, but it might also have better cooling vents. It is also the best option if you are always staying at one place and not travelling.

Tip #3: Choosing the Laptop’s Performance Output

Even when it is a gaming laptop, you should still find out if it can provide the best performance that you need. Usually, a proper gaming laptop should have an i7 11th gen or AMD Ryzen 7 processor, GTX 1660ti GPU, 1TB SSD storage, and 8GB RAM. If you go any lower than the ones mentioned, your gaming laptop might not be able to handle most modern PC games.

When buying a gaming laptop at an Australian computer store, a good tip is to check for your favourite game’s system requirements. Once you have the game’s system requirements, you should compare them with the gaming laptop you plan to buy. If your gaming laptop has higher or better parts, you should have no problems once you use it.

Keep in mind the different tips in choosing a gaming laptop in Australia if you want to buy the perfect one that will suit your needs.