If you’re looking for an enjoyable yet valuable activity to get your kids to do, buy them a set of puzzles! This will help cut their screen time and present an entire range of practical and very fruitful benefits that can keep them company in the long run. By introducing them to the world of puzzles and board games at a nascent stage, you cannot imagine the impact it can have on them! You can pick from wooden puzzles to maze games and get them started. And then be assured, there is no looking back from there!

Explored below are four essential benefits that puzzles can offer for kids:

Boosts IQ: Known to be an effective mental exercise, studies have shown that indulging in puzzle solving every day can help to boost a person’s overall IQ levels. And when it comes to kids, as they say, it is best to catch them young. Encouraging your child to solve different types of puzzles every day will help keep them off the screen and ensure their cognitive abilities are sharp right from the onset. It can be detrimental in helping them to be one step ahead of the other kids.

Enhances Memory: Worried that your little one finds it difficult to memorise the poem you just taught them in the morning? Instead of getting perplexed, you can get them an exciting puzzle and present it in the form of an interesting game. It is widely accepted that when children play board games, especially puzzles, their capacity to retain information is much higher. Puzzles are a great way to test their mental faculties on several levels. And the more they indulge, the better it gets.

Facilitates Attention to Detail: The perks of involving or encouraging kids to play puzzles are plenty. One of the most useful ones is that it boosts their ability to look at details, pay closer attention to minute things. As puzzle solving involves the collective effort of your mind, alertness and eyes altogether, these things inevitably develop better. Children who solve puzzles are known to have the upper hand when it comes to detailed observation.

Induces Better Productivity: No matter what kind of puzzles you choose for your little ones, be it wooden puzzles or classic maze jigsaws, you can be sure that you are instilling a sense of productivity in them right from the beginning. Most kids these days are hooked to phone screens, and it can do them more damage than good. However, with puzzles and board games, there are only perks and benefits you can gift them with. They are exposed to valuable life skills and enhance their cognitive abilities quite early.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, playing puzzles can also be a great stress buster for kids. It is best if parents and children come together to play as it will help them bond better too. To make things more interesting, it would help if kids are introduced to as many puzzles and informative board games as possible. It will help to cultivate a healthy habit in them. Even something as simple as starting by solving sudokus can be highly beneficial to them in the long run.