Branding has always been a key part of any business, but the old days of having a great shop front presence and word of mouth are starting to disappear as the growing digital space provides a host of branding opportunities – one of these key areas have been within social media and the host of branding opportunities have come with the modern platforms.

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A personal touch – Of the biggest changes, the one many say has been the most impactful has been the ability for a more personal touch when dealing with customers – and for many this feeds back to how important branding can be on these platforms – often times your ability to deal with customers on social media is a key component in your online branding, and with service being amongst the most important indicators of online success, can be a make or break factor with online representation.

A little exposure – Exposure is also a key part of modern branding, with so many different sites, apps, and platforms out there it can be hard to get your name where it needs to be, and social media has certainly helped this as those who stand out can certainly make a name for themselves. It has also helped with exposure for services that have a lot of competition – gaming is certainly one area that fits here as many services like Max Casinos have been able to find huge success and stand out despite initiatives such as Gamstop aimed at reducing player options and increasing authority for the self-exclusion scheme.

Sharing ­– Of course the social aspect of social media is the most important, and the ability to share on the platforms is very important too – a clear and concise message and something that builds your name works just as well as word of mouth if able to be put out to the right audience, there’s a reason why some of the biggest names in the world come from promotion on social media platforms that can boast hundreds of millions of viewers and why many are so eager to jump on board with new platforms such as TikTok which had found huge success – with modern branding largely relying on image and video rather than just text too, many are perfectly suited for the modern approach to branding as is needed.

Social media has also had its downsides too – the popularity in platforms wanes and changes very quickly and each now have their own specific target audience, a far cry from the early approaches where most users were centralized around one platform. There has also been a shift where many users feel stepping away from popular social media for branding is more important to deliver a more customer driven message, and so whilst social media still remains important for branding it may not remain the case in to the future as different opportunities present themselves and requirements from business and consumer alike begin to adjust and change with newer views on what branding is.