The COVID-19 crisis has halted industries across the world. Companies are laying off workers while some are being closed off due to loss of revenues. Besides daily wage earners, athletes are also suffering the backlash of lockdown. Closed off gyms and stay-at-home orders have severely disrupted their workout routines. Let’s take a look at the compiled list of athletes by Handy and observe how they are staying fit amidst the lockdown.

The Workouts

  1. Cole Sager (CrossFit)- Instead of laying low in the looming uncertainty of competition, Cole has decided to take the initiative to build his stamina and tenacity. He has a fully equipped gym space in his garage which has allowed him to continue with his workout.

Cole states that he is focusing on the fundamentals for now. He sees the lockdown not as a setback but as a long runway leading to his ultimate goal, and he intends to use every moment preparing for the future. It’s also an efficient way to remain engaged amidst all the sloth and boredom.

  1. Desiree Linden (Marathon)- Desiree Linden won the Boston Marathon back in 2018 and was planning something similar this year. However, the fact that the marathon was pushed till fall isn’t enough to discourage her from her goal. She intends to leverage social distancing to her advantage by finding newer jogging routes that are a safe distance away from the crowd.

She is partaking in daily maintenance runs to build her stamina for the final race. Desiree has also opted to take a positive approach towards the pandemic, seeing this as an opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

  1. Camille Herron (Ultrarunning)- Camille Herron is in a whole other league. UltraRunning track lengths usually start at 26.2 miles. However, Camille intends to take it even further and wants to establish a world record for a 100-mile run. This is her second attempt as she already holds one record for the fastest runner in a superhero costume.

Camille isn’t undergoing any strenuous workout routine and exercises when she feels like it. In order to keep things from going monotonous, she is searching for new jogging routes. Although her attempt at the world was shunned, she wasn’t quite upset. She accepted the fact and is continuing with a fitness routine, enabling her to concentrate on other affairs.

  1. Toms Skujins (Cycling)- It’s hard to emulate a strenuous cycling workout indoors. According to Toms, his physical attributes are slightly affected as cycling outside for 5 hours is not the same as doing it indoors. The stamina buildup is inefficient, and the lack of fresh air makes it even more difficult.

Tom has cut down on the total number of training hours and prioritizing on overcoming the crisis rather than concentrating on his workout. He does what he can do to stay in shape, but nothing too strenuous.


The training regimen varies based on the type of sport. However, according to Handy, the one thing they all have in common is a positive attitude towards the crisis. No matter the situation they are doing everything they can to keep fit in their own way.