Have you ever wanted to make money without working a typical job? Did you know you can make money just by going to your normal grocery store? You can have fun scanning items in-store with the Shopkick app. 

Learn more about what is Shopkick and how you can make some extra money.

What Is Shopkick? 

Shopkick was created in 2009 and has grown significantly. Simply put, you can earn gift cards just for doing your everyday shopping. Shopkick provides high consumer engagement throughout the app. 

Partnerships are key when it comes to Shopkick. Some of their partners are GE, Kellogg’s, Best Buy, and TJ Maxx. This is a system that will reward you. 

How Shopkick Works

First, start by downloading the Shopkick app in either your App Store or in Google Play. By heading to one of your local stores, you can find items in the app and scan them. Easy enough, right?

You’ll be earning kicks through the app. “Kicks” are what the Shopkick app recognizes as reward points. Once these add up you’ll be able to cash them in for your favorite gift cards. This can save you some extra money at check out or you can buy something special. 

Earn More Kicks

By just walking into one of the partner stores, which is probably also one of your favorite stores, you’ll earn kicks. You’ll need to allow your Shopkick app to know your location, but that’s how you gain more kicks. 

In the Shopkick app, you can find videos on new or featured products. Be sure to find the products in the store and scan them with your in-app scanner. You’ll earn kicks this way too. 

Another way to earn some kicks is to submit your receipt. If you’re doing your everyday shopping, it doesn’t hurt to upload it once you’re done to see if you gained more kicks. 

If you have a linked credit card, you’ll be earning kicks for every dollar you spend. Of course, you have to be at a partner store, but they’ll rack up pretty fast this way. 

If you’d rather shop online, be sure to do so through the Shopkick app. You’ll earn kicks for every dollar you spend when purchasing online.

Finally, earn some extra kicks by watching some videos. The app features in-app videos (mostly for new products) and you’ll earn kicks for learning more. 

You can earn at least 50 kicks within seven days. That’s enough to get you a $5 gift card. Be sure to gain more info on kicks. 

Time Commitment

You’re probably wondering “how much time do I need to invest in order to get gift cards?” The answer is, it can vary. By completing all of the different tasks the Shopkick app offers, you’ll be able to rack up the kicks by doing more than walking through the front door. 

If you break it down, it takes 250 kicks to earn $1 on a gift card. That means when you earn 1,250 kicks, you’ll get a $5 gift card. If you’re already heading to a partner store, this app is worth it. If you’re not leaving your house often, you might be able to get a couple of kicks just by watching some in-app videos. 

Get to Shopping

What is Shopkick? It’s an app where you can earn rewards! Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, Shopkick is able to help you earn gift cards by completing everyday tasks.

Have your friends join too and soon you’ll be hosting your own friendly competition to see who can earn the most kicks. Be sure to check out some of our other blogs on finance, business, and advertising.