Most people who come to us or send inquiry emails to us seem to ask the same question but in different versions. Most of these questions revolve around when is the right time to consider air duct cleaning services. Others simply want to know why they should consider duct cleaning. Are there any benefits?

Well, today we have decided to simplify these questions and compile them in one list each question with an answer for our clients. Here are some air duct cleaning services FAQ and their answers. If you feel what you are looking for is not here, you can always arrange a consultation with us or contact us directly.

  1. Should I Clean Ducts In My New Home?

I know you didn’t expect it, but yes, you should. During construction, the construction ducts enter in your air duct systems. In addition minute particles such as sawdust and other fine construction materials can find their way into your system. The only feasible way to eradicate these particles is by considering air duct cleaning services by a professional cleaning company.

  1. Are There Health Benefits Of Cleaning Ducts?

It is now known that bacteria, fungi, and dirt collect in the ventilation system. These allergens are dangerous to your health since they trigger health problems such as asthma and allergies. The idea to do HVAC and air duct cleaning Toronto should be viewed as a way of staying healthy and ensuring clean air in your home.

  1. How Regularly Should I Clean Air Ducts In My Home?

There is no set limit of times you should clean your ducts. However, unless it is vitally needed, ducts should be cleaned at least once in a year. Depending on some things such as traffic in your homes, some homeowners even go for two years before the next cleaning.

However, it is recommended you take precautionary measures to prevent dirt and debris from entering into your ducts. We recommend that you contact your duct cleaning professional, inspect your home and establish a schedule of cleaning your ducts for your home. That is important since the schedule will be agreed based on the situation of your home.

  1. Can I DIY?

There are few things you can carry out on your own to facilitate the functioning of your ducts. Such steps can be changing your filters and making the grills clean.

However, since most of the elements of your ductwork are challenging to access, you may not be able to do it on your own. Opting for a professional duct cleaning services is a smart thing to do. They possess specialised tools that enable them to reach the furthest parts of your duct system and clean them. Therefore, do what you can do and leave the rest for professional duct cleaners.