A clean and sanitary environment is very important to have, especially when there is a business to run; no customer likes to walk into malls and stores that are filthy. It might be an economical decision to purchase mops and brooms and hire people to get the cleaning work done professionally. This is a viable option for smaller businesses, but it can be very cumbersome to do so when it comes to big businesses, for example, large malls and retail stores with a lot of floor space. Floor scrubbers are much better options despite the huge initial investment, which might seem like a lot to commit to it. 

It might look like a lot of money is being saved by investing the money into cheap cleaning equipment and half-done work due to human error, but the case is so much more different if it is invested in industrial or commercial floor scrubbers as it has little to no human error involved. These scrubbers are so efficient at their functioning that they can remove grease, oil and dirt without leaving any traces. Earlier heavy-duty machines were very noisy and needed a lot of maintenance due to frequent breakdowns but, due to advancements in technology, the new-age scrubbers are silent and more accurate with cleaning spots that are hard to reach.

How to choose the ideal Floor Scrubber:

  • Commercial vs Industrial: The first factor to think about before buying a scrubber is if there is a need for an industrial or a commercial scrubber which solely depends on the size of the plot that requires the cleaning equipment to work. If the site is a small commercial space that can be managed and maintained with a small machine, then these sites can get cleaned with a commercial scrubber, whereas if the area is too large and very difficult to clean manually or even a commercial scrubber which could take a long time, the industrial scrubber is the best choice for this case.
  • Mode of operation: There are two standard modes of operation that customers can choose from depending on factors like price point, area of operation or even manpower in the company. One model is the walk-behind, where the scrubber is in the front while the operator is pushing it from behind like a lawn-mower working. The individual propels the scrubber around, which can be quite a time consuming for a larger site. This is where a ride-on model scrubber comes into play. This is similar to riding a scooter where the operator sits in and operates it around the site to cleanse and scrub the floor efficiently.
  • Pad or brush: Scrubbers have brushes that come in 2 variations; one is a pad variation that has abrasions or can be fine, while the other has brushes that have a cylindrical or a disc model. Now the type of brush or pad that needs to be selected for operation entirely depends on the business’s decision if they want a gentle floor cleaning or they want a deep clean by scrubbing and scraping off the top layer of the floor similar to buffing, which will ensure proper dirt removal.

If investing in floor scrubbers seems too expensive a choice, there are multiple options available for these customers, as today there are some fantastic services that allow businesses to rent out the machine for a day, a week or even a whole month relying on the requirement. It is much better than buying a machine and testing it out instead before fully committing to it for the long run.