When you hear the phrase self-storage units, what do you think of?

Although furniture storage is definitely a popular way to use a secure-self storage facility, there are endless possibilities for what storage can be used for.

In this article, we will be showing you some examples of very creative ways to use the secure surroundings and extra space offered by self-storage facilities in and around London.

Unwind in Your Private Games Room

Everybody needs somewhere to go to relax, and although your home might not have enough space to use as a place to escape from the pressures and stresses of daily life, self-storage facilities provide plenty of space for you to set up your own games room!

So whether you need a place for housing your arcade machine collection or somewhere to play poker and pool with your friends, set up a games space of your own inside of a self-storage unit can provide you with a private, secure, and spacious location for you to unwind in! There is a wide range of sizes that are available, so you should be able to find a unit that accommodates all fun activities and a game room.

Create Your Own Gym

Anybody who has gone to a public gym during a peak time knows how frustrating that can be. You can end up needing to wait for 10 minutes or longer to use every piece of equipment, having to wipe down bikes and benches covered in sweat left by other gym members, and more. So there are plenty of reasons why you might want to avoid going to your local fitness centre.

This is why for most fitness fanatics it can be a dream come true and big relief to use your self-storage unit as a personal gym. You will have instant access to your own equipment and weights, and you also will be able to work out as vigorously and loudly as you want to without having to worry about other gym-goers staring at you to throw you off!

Band Practice Space

Doesn’t the thought of setting up your drum kit or plugging in your electric guitar and rocking out once in a while sound like fun? A big challenge that most amateur bands and musicians face is finding practice space. They are often unable to play as a band or practice their instruments in residential areas due to space issues and noise complaints from the neighbours.

Self-storage units provide all of the space that you could need, in addition to privacy and plenty of power outlets, which allows you to really rock out! so whether you just need a place to practice your favourite instrument or somewhere to collaborate and jam with bandmates, all of the space, security, and privacy that self-storage units offer is ideal for both of those purposes.

An Affordable Space For Your Start-Up Business

During the early years, it is very important for a business to keep their costs low. One thing that can really increase the outgoings of a business is having to rent an office, along with all of the other bills and rates associated with running your own company.

Utilising a self-storage unit as office space can be the perfect solution for many small businesses in a wide range of industries. It is a great way to keep business costs down, ensure all business stock and equipment are secure and protect all contents with affordable insurance options on unit storage. Affordable, simple, and easy!

Create Your Own Private Art Studio For Mastering Your Craft

Any aspiring or successful artist knows how valuable it is to have a peaceful place for practising your craft and letting your creativity loose. Whether you are wanting to master sculpture or the paintbrush, art requires privacy, space, patience, and time, which are all available in a number of different sizes of Smart Storage secure self-storage units.

Self-storage units are used by many artists to exhibit and display their artwork to prospective buyers, which is another great perk that comes with storing your pieces of art in an easily accessible and secure facility.

So there are five amazing uses for self-storage units!