Macro photography is an exciting part of photography. Nevertheless, to get the best out of this niche of photography, we need to implore the best gadgets and elements to get the best. In this article, we shall consider some essential things we should not neglect in macro photography.

Mandatory stand

Given the close distance and the type of subject taken, the use of a tripod is truly mandatory in macro photography, and not only to keep the camera still during the shooting but also because, once the subject has been identified, it will often take a long time to find the right shot.

The light

Relying on natural light in this photographic genre is often the wrong choice. To obtain excellent results, we must necessarily rely on additional light sources, such as ring flashes or external flashers (maybe even homemade!). This will also help us to “freeze” the subject when shooting. Remember, however, that the closer you are to the question, the easier it will be to have annoying reflections; in this case, led lights and diffusers can help you.


The focus in macro photography is undoubtedly the part to which more attention should be paid. Being very close to the subject and using an open diaphragm, the depth of field will be minimal and wrong focusing will be effortless. In this sense, the first thing to say is that working with fire automatically could create many problems, so it is advisable to always switch to manual focus. At this point, we must focus on the part that we know is the most important, usually the eyes (or maybe the wings) of our insect and pay our full attention to the point of focus.

It would be best if you also had an excellent mac photo editor for retouching your images after capturing.