For any business, keeping your audience happy is imperative to sustaining success and increasing profit margins. When it comes to optimizing efficiency within a warehouse, it’s essential that everything works well together, to ensure shipments are made in a timely fashion. 

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Whether that’s making sure your technologies are automated to let you know when you’re running low on items, or if you have technology that informs you when you need to repair equipment, as a warehouse manager, these have to work together, to ensure the smoothest operations possible. 

When it comes to shipping goods to your consumer, how can you streamline and maximize efficiency in this process?

Consider a few of these technologies that JD Edwards Managed Services can provide to help you improve efficiency, speed, and eliminate inaccuracies within your warehouse setting.

Cobots (Collaborative Robots)

We’re no longer living in a time where we have to think of the next big thing. It’s already here! Collaborative robots, or robots, are autonomous entities that can work side by side with the employees in your warehouse setting. 

They are built to work with the existing employees in the supply chain, logistics, and shipping departments. These robots work together with employees to help maximize efficiency and eliminate the error. If there’s a process which can be automated, they work alongside employees to streamline processes.

Although they’re expensive, these technologies can help reduce waste and redundancy in the warehouse. 

They can help automate specific processes (such as counting inventory or checking which items are in stock), which will help reduce human errors in counting

Using barcodes and other technologies, these robots also help reduce mistakes which their human counterparts would make in reading something off a sheet of paper or off the supply chain.

Automated Picking Tools 

There is a variety of picking tools which can minimize errors and boost the speed of picking processes within the warehouse environment. Some computerized machines which are available to businesses include

  • Voice automatic order picking
  • Pick-to-light
  • Robotic order picking
  • AGVs (automated guided vehicles)

Each of these, and other automated means, not only pick items faster than a human counterpart, but they’re also programmed to eliminate inconsistencies in selecting and human error. 

Cutting edge barcode technologies work seamlessly with CRM (management software) to prevent inaccuracies. If an item’s out of stock, it is automatically updated. If there’s an issue with inventory, you’re automatically informed as to the warehouse manager. 

The result is the fastest and most accurate automated reporting experience. With fewer errors and inconsistencies, orders ship more rapid, and customers receive their shipments in a timely fashion.

Warehouse Management Systems

These comprehensive software packages keep up to date tabs on all vital information within your warehouse. 

Any internal team member or anyone working on the supply chain will instantly have information regarding inventory, shipment dates, running tabs on new products, and so forth. Fast reporting allows for more efficient planning and supply ordering. 

It also helps eliminate waste. Warehouse management and execution will operate seamlessly.

There’s no single technology that’s going to replace humans, nor is there one technology that’s going to reduce errors 100%. It’s impossible. 

However, implementing the right techniques, to work alongside their human counterparts, warehouses can significantly benefit from the accuracy and faster transmittal of data, to ensure operations are seamless, and orders are shipped to their customers quickly.

When everything’s working together, and errors are eliminated, it makes it easier to ensure orders are shipped out quickly and that customers are receiving items faster than they would if managers (team members) weren’t aware of what was going on within the warehouse’s operations. 

By compartmentalizing information and data where it should be, team members can easily access the information they need in a timely fashion. This, in turn, allows supply chain team members, and those working within shipping departments, to get orders out quickly, and to eliminate delays in shipments because certain items aren’t available within the warehouse setting.

Are you looking for the best warehouse technologies to implement within your organization? JD Edwards Managed Services can help. 

Feel free to contact us to learn about these technologies to streamline the shipping process and other ways in which JD Edwards Managed Services can help improve your warehouse’s internal operations to ensure a happy consumer base.