With so many indie brands all vying for your target consumer’s attention, launching a successful e-commerce endeavor can be quite challenging.

Organic sales can be the most lucrative sources of revenue for your business; however, becoming a business with a steady volume of organic sales isn’t something that can happen overnight.

In fact, you have to leverage smart marketing tactics to ensure that your target audience is aware of you. Once they find your products and try them out, they are likely to come back for repeat orders – thereby becoming a source of organic sales. 

Now, you’re probably wondering how you can bring your business to that stage. To be fair, the answer is simple, but its execution is not.

Fortunately, we’re here to tell you about a few e-commerce industry secrets that should help you boost yourorganic sales in a jiffy.

1. Never underestimate the power of good keywords

Whether you’ve worked with a digital agency in the past or not, you’ve probably heard of the term keyword. Keywords help your target audience find you and your content when they need you the most. Thus, you can imagine how powerful good keywords can be to your business.

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You need to spend adequate time researching the proper keywords and also looking for long-tail SEO keywords. This is primarily because while your primary keywords help you rank when consumers search for specific items, your LSI keywords help you rank based on user intent. Consider the following example to understand this better.

You’re a brand that sells high-end shoes for women. One of your primary keywords for a specific product is “black stilettos”. This means that when your customer searches for black stilettos on a search engine, your page should pop up. But what happens when your customer searches for “what should I wear with a formal dress?” or “How to dress for a date?”.

The idea behind LSI keywords is that your brand should pop up in search queries that are not necessarily conducted based on your product, but are related to the same.

In other words, the next time a woman types “How to dress for a date?” into a search engine, a link to your blog post about black stilettos (or your product page) should pop up in the results.

2. Don’t forget about quality link building

Now, it’s fair to assume that you want your e-commerce website to rank on the first page of results on a search engine. However, simply using keywords in your content is not enough.

You have to understand that search engines are customer-focused, which means they show results that offer value to your customer. To do so, they rely on a variety of ranking factors that tell them whether a website is credible or not.

One such ranking factor is link building. In simple terms, when different pages on the internet link to your page, it means that the writer of that website found your content valuable and wants to share it with his/her readers. This lets Google know that your site is a good one to show customers, and it boosts your rankings due to the same.

When it comes to e-commerce websites, you’re likely to have multiple pages filled with products. But you’ll be mistaken if you don’t consider creating a valuable blog that links back to your other posts and product pages. Blogs can also help your customers learn more about your products and feel inspired to shop at your website.

This requires professional assistance as quality link building takes a lot of time and right kind of effort. Working with a digital agency that offers e-commerce marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that you employ the right strategies for your online store.3

3. Step into the new age

In this era, having a website is not enough.Most consumers conduct searches via their smartphones and if your website is not smartphone-friendly, or takes ages to load, you’ll end up losing your valuable customers.

There are a lot of industry knowledge and tricks out there that can help you rank well in search.To maximize your e-commerce SEO and boost organic sales, consider getting in touch with Dignitas Digital!