The transcription service such as UK transcriptions for example consists of displaying synthetic texts synchronized with the dialogues or narration of a film or program, and a specialized professional must translate for this purpose. The term “Transcription” in English is “Transcreation,” the combination of translation with the creation of the original language text. When a professional starts this transcription work, be it video or audio, he needs to go beyond the translation, seeking its adequacy.

Transcription Professional Profile

Professional subtitling needs to be more than a translator. The transcription service demands translation and creativity. The role of the professional who performs the transcription differs from that of the translator without experience in this type of work. He has to have the ability to create and produce meanings. It needs to capture the “spirit” and the real meaning of the spoken text and transport them to the written text of the subtitle, using words that are part of the orality of the target language. For this, you need sensitivity to understand what the author meant, fluency in speaking the source, and, mainly, target languages to produce subtitles that convey the correct message clearly and naturally.

What Can Be Transcribed?

When audio is transcribed and translated, be it audio from an interview, a conference, a personal audio, or a song, it can be disseminated in different ways, reaching more people.

What Are The Areas Most Transcribed

Webinar Transcripts

Webinar is a kind of videoconference for commercial or educational purposes, in which a company uses an online platform to carry out a one-way communication. Transcribing and translating texts can be an excellent globalization strategy.

Podcast Transcripts

A podcast is like a radio program, which we can listen to anytime. Instead of looking for a radio station with certain content, we can find that same content on the internet at no cost. Many international podcasts are very content-rich, so making them available in other languages ​​is vital.

Video Lecture Transcripts

A video lesson is a lesson recorded and presented in video form. Many educational institutions invite foreign professors who speak other languages, making transcription and translation services common and essential in this area.

Lecture Transcripts

A lecture or conference is a presentation in which the speaker’s objective is to share his knowledge and clarify it to others.

Why Transcribe Video And Audio?

These data are very important and show the need to adapt the content and new forms of communication. The theme of inclusion is very important since there are more than millions hearing impaired people. In some countries, Transcribe your videos and make your content accessible to everyone. Make it accessible to everyone.