A lanyard is kind of a rope or strap which majorly holds ID cards or keys. This is majorly worn around the neck and also can be worn around the shoulder, wrist or waist. A lanyard helps an ID card to be hung on the neck of an employee in a company. Initially, a lanyard was introduced to be used help in firing an artillery piece and was also used to arm the mechanism of fuze on any of the air-drops through pulling the cotter pin when the arm leaves down the aircraft. Gradually it became the daily use of a person working under an organisation wearing it around the neck to hold it the ID card or the employee card.

Different Uses Of Lanyard

Around The Neck: A lanyard is majorly worn around the neck by the employees of a corporate company and it has an important role to play with the ID card. Most of the companies which gives out the ID card to the employees has the name of the company or the logo of it around the lanyard to resemble that this particular person works for that organisation. The lanyard holds the ID card around the neck of the employee which drops near to the chest of the employee.

Around The Wrist: There are many organisations which are not into the corporate sector and have a bit of creative and liberal approach where they get a kind of lanyard which can be worn around the wrist of the employees. The length of this lanyard is smaller than the neck one and there is less amount of cloth used. You will basically find this kind of lanyard worn by the employees of the company which is into creative works like photography, digital marketing etc.

Around The Waist: This kind of lanyard is majorly used by the door to door salesman of different companies were to give it an attractive and new look where the people who are being approached by salesmen should take interest what are they offering as this one looks more of a casual and creative kind of a lanyard. Some of these lanyards are retractable which can be pulled out for showing it to a person then the cord retracts itself once the pressure is removed.

A lanyard is kind of used in many industries these days and has an amount of usage in the marketing business as well to promote a brand by printing the name of the company on it.