When picking home improvement projects, a lot of homeowners will go in for a new roof. It’s a practical choice, especially if your roof is more than a decade old. Your roof endures a lot of abuse from the elements and it’s a common source of problems.

It also means that there are a lot of professional roofing myths floating around out there. Before you buy into the gossip about roofs or the roofing industry, keep reading. We’ll cover some of the most common myths you may run across while researching for your new roof.

You can Just Reroof

A particularly popular myth is the reroofing myth. A reroof is when a local roofing company comes in and lays a new layer of shingles over the old layer of shingles. The myth is that you can do this with any roof.

False. While reroofing is possible, it requires just the right conditions with your old roof. In almost all cases, you’ll need a new roof from a licensed roofing company.

There’s No Difference between Shingles

This myth likely stems from the fact that all asphalt shingles use the same basic materials. That doesn’t mean all shingles offer the same performance or quality.

Most shingles fall into one of two categories: 3-tab shingles and architectural shingles. Both will provide you with a functional roof, but architectural shingles typically provide nearly twice the lifespan. Since architectural shingles are thicker, they typically hold up better against high winds.

No Visible Leak Means No Problem

Leaks are one of the most commonly noticed signs of a roof problem, but they aren’t the only way that a roof can fail. Just as importantly, not every leak will present in a way that you’re likely to notice.

A leaking roof may cause insulation or ceiling problems or the water may end up going down into one of your exterior walls. Water can drip into a wall for quite a while before it causes a problem you’ll notice.

Meanwhile, the water keeps damaging the wood decking under your shingles. That can compromise your roofing safety.

Set It and Forget It

Many homeowners assume that getting a new roof means they can forget about things like roof maintenance for years. Ideally, a new roof won’t cause you any problems for years to come. That isn’t a guarantee, though.

Even if your roof is new, you should still contact one of the roofing companies in your area for an annual inspection.

Ignore Professional Roofing Myths

Professional roofing myths survive because they often play to homeowners’ desires. Who doesn’t want a less expensive option like reroofing or to think that the more expensive architectural shingles aren’t really different. If I can’t see a problem, my roof is fine.

You should ignore these kinds of myths and rely on the information you get from a licensed roofing company. It will usually spare you costs and headaches down the road.

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