There are many good reasons for setting up a coffee bar at the office for your employees. You may be doing it in order to show your staff how much you appreciate them and that you wish to give something back. You may also be doing this to eliminate the volume of trash collected by staff bringing take out coffee from coffee shops outside of the workplace. Regardless of your motivation, you can’t just grab any type of coffee machine available without some advanced planning. In this article, we will look at some of the planning you need to do first.

1 – Location, Location, Location

Oddly enough, you really have to find the perfect place to set up a coffee bar in your office. It can’t be cramped into a corner and it can’t be in a heavy traffic area where it could be damaged. The most logical locations are in a staff lunchroom or lounge, if either exists in your workplace. Ensure that there is ample counter space, cupboards to store coffee mugs and accessories and a sink nearby to provide water from a faucet and a place to wash dishes.

2 – Type of Coffee Machine

Let’s face it; you wouldn’t be doing this if everyone was happy with instant coffee. That being said, you have some choices to consider. In an office environment a filter coffee machine may be the most efficient of the types available. Other commercial coffee machines include barista style and bean to cup coffee machines. Each has advantages and disadvantages. It really depends on the volume of coffee made/consumed and number of staff on the job at any given time.

3 – Buy or Lease Options

This decision will also rest on the amount of use the commercial coffee machine will experience while located in your office. If you can get by with a small, residential-style 4 to 6 cup coffee machine, fine. But generally speaking, those kinds of coffee machines are not designed for high volume traffic. If you are looking at commercial coffee machines, leasing may be your best solution saving you on maintenance and repair costs should something go wrong.

A Happy Office Is a Well Functioning Office

By providing a strong and durable commercial coffee machine in a coffee bar for your office, you will improve the wellbeing of your employees. When the time comes to make that decision, contact Honest Coffees. They have several styles of coffee machines to choose from including barista-style, bean to cup and filter machines. They can also discuss leasing or buying options with you to make the perfect fit for your budget and office requirements. When an office has its own coffee machine, you save your workers money on buying their own at take out coffee shops which ends up saving them some money. When you save your workers some extra money, you show that you care about them by improving their working conditions.