A data centre is a complicated system that houses many of a company’s necessary IT operations and equipment. It is essential for its ability to store, transfer, and access digital information and communicate with external parties. As such, when hiring a data centre construction company, you should ensure that they will provide all the crucial components of a data centre.

Of course, to ensure that and to maintain your company’s data centre for the years to come, you must first know all of the essential components of one. It’s good to also be familiar with these terms before your data centre consultancy session. The parts of a data centre are split into two distinct categories: the facility components and the infrastructure components.

The Facility

The parts of the facility include all other aspects inside and outside the main building, except the IT gear themselves. These components aim to ensure that the IT infrastructure works well without complications. Ensure your data centre builder includes these four components:

The space. 

The space is the building, room, or floor that will house your data centre and its equipment. More area leads to a more efficient centre, so consult your data centre builder about how big or small you’d like your data centre to be.

The cooling system. 

The IT infrastructure will be comprised of several computers and devices. When these computers are left running to handle your data, it produces heat. To ensure your data centre doesn’t overheat, it needs an excellent cooling system running at all times.

Sufficient power. 

You’ll need, on average, 100 megawatts of power to run your data centre 24/7. Consider talking to your data centre solution provider about having backup energy or a generator in case your power gets cut off for any reason.


You can hire an IT team to monitor your data centre closely. They’ll be able to catch warning signs, prevent any issues from popping up, and even fix existing problems quickly to keep your centre running smoothly.

The Infrastructure

The infrastructure refers to all IT equipment that turns your building into a data centre. Your data centre solution provider should provide equipment that handles and runs applications, stores and handles essential data, and much more. Your IT infrastructure isn’t complete without these components:

The servers. 

These are constantly online to perform computing tasks, run applications, and handle your data.

The storage systems. 

Since data centres handle data, you’ll need lots of storage, such as disk arrays. Too little storage will become an issue in the future, so remember to consult your data centre solution provider.

Networking systems. 

Data centres need access to the internet, so you’ll need a good internet connection and cybersecurity measures to protect your data.

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