Building a new home involves a dedicated team. If the home is truly going to reflect an owner’s personality, needs and special desires, an interior designer should be on that team from the very beginning!

A Houston interior decorator may be your best friend — from planning stages to actual move-in — because they have the ability to look at the “big picture.” Your builder cares about the structure, and pays attention to quality, cost and scheduling. Whether yours is a tract home or a custom design, you will also face choices and decisions along the way — from financing options to faucets, from wall color to landscape lighting, from hardware to home security.

It’s All in the Details

It’s a huge job to coordinate and keep track of all the choices and visualizing the finished project is a learned skill! That’s why working with someone who has that skill set is so vital. Your new home should reflect you and your family’s interests, serve your needs, be as comfortable as it is beautiful, and still be within your stated budget.

By working with a Houston interior decorator, you can assure that all your dreams come true. You will no doubt have some existing furniture and accessories that you’ll want to incorporate into your new home. But almost everyone wants something new as well! Your dream home becomes the blank canvas on which to create your own masterpiece.

Beautifully coordinated home decor doesn’t just happen. It can be a pleasant and exciting journey when you work with a knowledgeable and professional home designer who will coordinate all the decision-making with you and keep your tastes and budget in mind. Your builder can then concentrate on the business of building, and you’ll be part of a winning team.

Quick and Easy

A unique design service pairs selection and installation services in a way that is efficient and affordable, and yields great results, whether it involves a whole house or simply a single room. 

Concerned about choosing new furniture that will blend with what you have? Unsure about a color palette that will be fresh and exciting at move-in, but won’t look dated next year? What about that sofa — will it fit in the space, or will it overpower the room? And what about artwork and lighting?

If you have questions like these concerning that new dream home, why not take the first step toward making it perfect by scheduling an initial consultation with a Houston interior decorator?

Build your team from the beginning, and then be ready to smile and accept the compliments the first time you invite friends over to your new home!