Books have endured for a reason and they continue to do so even now. There are different viewpoints on the books vs computers debate. Both play a role in the present but a lot could happen in the future as more people get online. There are several arguments to which one is superior and we’re going to explore them in detail so that we can come up to a conclusive decision.

Choosing one over the other will depend on the situation given the comfort and the level of satisfaction that is required. There are studies that show that those who read physical books tend to retain more information than those read from the internet.

Argument for Books

  • They are Affordable

They are Affordable

Books tend to be inexpensive. You get to acquire knowledge without spending a fortune on hardware. With a computer, you need the software and the hardware in order to access the information. You might also need the internet for information which could result in extra cost. Books are portable and movable, you can carry them to whatever place you want to go and can access them any time without any auxiliary support.

  • More Personal

More Personal

Books tend to be more personal compared to computers. This is true for both recreational and educational books. Students tend to stay focused when they are reading from a physical text then when reading from a computer. You can read for long hours without straining the eyes.

  • Stress Reliever

Stress Reliever

Reading can be a stress reliever. In a world that thrives on chaos, you can just decide to disengage and get fully amassed in your book. You get to escape reality, even if it is for a moment. The same can’t be said for course work but recreational reading can be therapeutic in so many ways.

  • More Accuracy

More Accuracy

There are people who are of the opinion that books tend to be more factual than the information found online. This is because a book is peer-reviewed and an editor has to check for factual accuracy. That is why people tend to rely on books especially when it comes to educational matters. Anyone could publish online but humans and search engines have learned how to differentiate the credible sources from the dubious ones.

Argument for Computers

  • Ease of Access

Ease of Access

With a computer, you can easily access information from the comfort of your living room. Looking for references for course work require that you physically go to the library to look for the books. There are billions of indexed pages on the internet with information. All you have to do is enter a search term and you get the results to your query.

  • Variety of Information

Variety of Information

With the internet, you get tons of sources for the information you’re looking for. Search engines like Google always try to display the most relevant information that fulfills a user’s query. Although they might be authoritative sources, you can always use your judgment to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  • You can Get Books on Computers

You can Get Books on Computers

This has to be the biggest selling point for computers. You can get the same physical books on a soft copy so that you can access them from a computer. Technological disruptions happen every day and people are moving towards a more paperless society. While physical books still play an in an indispensable role in today’s world, the same cannot be said of the future. Most publishers are also producing books in digital format so that they don’t lose out on the online audience. A computer can do what a book does when it comes to functionality but the inverse is not true.

Getting Textbooks Online Vs Buying

Most students go to the library so that they can get the studying materials needed. Sometimes you might not get the books you’re looking for which can be frustrating especially when studying for an online. This might force you to buy a book that you only use once and is rendered useless once you’re done with the exam? Which begs the question, what is the more cost-effective and sustainable solution?

Online Buying or Renting

Getting a physical book might be challenging especially if you don’t have a lot of time. The solution could simply be deciding on whether to buy textbooks or renting the E-book format of the textbooks. If you intend to use it through the semester, buying might be the ideal choice. If you’re only doing research then renting is recommended. It will only cost a fraction of the cost and you get to complete the assignment on time.

The notion that physical books transmit a genuine reality compared to computers doesn’t make any sense at all. It is the same material available on books just available in a digital format. At the very basic, the computer is nothing but a tool used in producing and communication of information.

When you buy online, you can access the books anyway at any time. You don’t have to carry loads of textbooks around when preparing for an exam. You also get to reduce the carbon footprint thus contributing to environmental conservation.

Computers have potent potential in transforming the way we create and consume knowledge and information. If it is used well, the computer can empower generations in filling the knowledge gap that exists because of lack of access to information. You can still continue to buy textbooks but they don’t have to be hard copies.