When most people think of buying a new home, they can only imagine investing in a traditional, site-built home. The thought of investing in a mobile or manufactured home might not come to their minds easily. While things have started changing quite lately, homebuyers have started realizing that a manufactured home can offer a host of benefits due to several reasons. It is only a matter of coming up with the best model delivering access to a wide range of features of amenities. 

Anyone searching for a new home might have spent a good amount of time preparing a dedicated list of all the things that they would like for their new home. A front porch for weekends, a separate garage for storing your vehicles, a kitchen island, a walk-in closet, and so more -the list goes on. The manufactured homes of past years have evolved themselves into beautiful, efficient homes built with proper federal manufacturing standards. Therefore, they are not only available at a greater price, but are also constructed to last for several years. 

Top Features to Look Out for in Manufactured Homes

In the modern era, mobile homes come with a myriad of surprising and advanced features and amenities that draw the attention of potential homebuyers throughout the nation. Moreover, buyers and renters of manufactured homes alike will find that they are capable of fulfilling their wish lists without creating a hole in the pocket. 

As the overall value of traditional site-built homes continues rising, the concept of manufactured homes with a host of features is becoming a reality for most aspirants out there. Modern mobile homes have a plethora of basic as well as luxury features along with high-end upgrade options that new homeowners are capable of choosing from -towards enjoying a beautiful and comfortable living space.

Some top-end features to look out for in a manufactured home are:

The Overall Functionality

Unlike previously-constructed mobile homes, the manufactured homes of today’s era are almost as functional as the site-built homes. The wide range of advanced architectural styles makes manufactured homes a highly sought-after option than the traditional homes. The architectural styles range from classic coastal styles to conventional ranch plans, sleek contemporary options, and so more.

As you shop for your new mobile home, you can consider the diverse exterior options and the overall functionalities of manufactured homes in mind while allowing your sense of style to shine through. To enhance the overall functionality, manufactured homes can be built on a metal frame rather than a basement or a crawlspace. Sometimes, they might even feature tie downs rather than a permanent foundation.

Floor Plan

One of the most sought-after features of manufactured homes is the open floor plan. Homes featuring open floor plans appear bright as well as spacious throughout. They usually feature higher ceilings and abundant natural light. The kitchen remains connected to living spaces. This helps in the creation of a comfortable and warm atmosphere that supports everyday life.

In the modern era, mobile homes are a far cry from tight or cramped spaces of previously—constructed manufactured homes. By keeping contemporary lifestyles in mind, open flooring for mobile homes feature ample spaces that seamlessly flow from one part to another.

Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances

A kitchen serves to be one of the most determining selling points of any mobile home. Most modern mobile homes boast amazing kitchens and bathrooms exceeding expectations. If you wish to access a state-of-the-art kitchen with abundant space to cook, you will adore the open, island kitchen concept of mobile homes.

Bathrooms in mobile homes include spa-like features like amazon rain showers, garden tubs, and features that are highly affordable. Some advanced features included in kitchen spaces are energy-efficiency appliances, granite countertops, ultra-modern fixtures, and so more.

Material Quality

While deciding how their new homes should feel like, new homeowners are now investing in mobile homes by choosing from a wide range of luxury materials. For instance, counter surfaces feature quartz and granite while flooring materials range from wood to ceramic to carpet. 

Water and Energy Efficiency

Like site-built homes, energy-efficient manufactured homes are also gaining a huge impetus nowadays. Some of the measures for making a mobile home energy-efficient are:

  • Installation of energy-efficient doors and windows
  • Adding insulation to the belly
  • Adding insulation to the walls
  • Adding insulation to the roof
  • Making general repairs
  • Installing energy-efficient appliances


Elegant, cool, and eco-friendly, modern manufactured homes are all about the creation of aesthetic spaces that draw the attention of potential homebuyers. The best part is that it is now possible to customize a mobile home during its construction process.


Presence of large windows and abundant natural light accentuates the open floor plans of mobile homes. Large-sized, shuttered windows allow ample sunlight into the home for the creation of a lively environment. 


Most homes are nowadays available with extra spaces. Individuals might request for a double car driveway, a storage shed, a large deck, or a welcoming front porch.


Nowadays, state-of-the-art mobile home designs offer access to sprawling exterior spaces that make you feel like you are home. From modern details to gorgeous deigns, you can get access to bespoke exterior styles to choose from.


Modern mobile homes are as safe as a conventional site-built home against harsh conditions like a storm, a hurricane, or other disasters.

Top-rated Mobile Homes

  • Clayton Homes: These are affordable and beautiful constructed mobile homes. Most homes are available as long units and deliver ample utility access. Some leading options are Clayton Dragon, The Admiral, and SuperValue.
  • TruMh Homes: These mobile homes leverage the most affordable top-quality manufacturing materials with unique customizations and luxury comfort. Some leading options are The Delight, The Elation, and The Bliss.
  • Cavalier Homes: These homes are designed by keeping quality and comfort in mind. Each home is designed by using the finest materials unaffected by weather conditions.
  • Legacy Homes: Legacy Homes are available in different size options -tiny ones like The Arkansas and the sprawling ones like The Elite 2.

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