A number of companies and business firms uses employee monitoring software for tracking and monitoring the work done, files opened, shared or transferred by the employees. It is used to prevent the transfer of confidential information and other security issues.

The best employee monitoring software can lead to increase in productivity, track the work done, and improve the security issues. There are a number of employee monitoring software available in the market. Some best employee monitoring software are mentioned below: –

– Teramind

– Work Examiner

– Hubstaff

– InterGuard

– Veriato

Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring helps to maintain the productivity level and work done by the employee during working hours. However, one can seek benefits from employee monitoring only when used correctly. If used improperly, it can lead to various privacy issues, lower morale of employee and other legal complications. Below, I have written about the pros and cons of using employee monitoring software.

Pros of Employee Monitoring

  • Keep things fair: Employee monitoring can help to keep the things fair. It can track when employees start their work and for how long they actually worked without indulging their time on sites which are not work related. It also verifies the time spent on tasks. The problem to monitor employees increases when one is dealing with remote workforce as one can’t manage all things in person. For that, remote employee monitoring software can be used to ease the situation.
  • Keep the track of productivity: Employee monitoring can give reports which includes the time spent by employees on work, the apps and websites visited by them and, the tasks on which they worked. So, the employer would be able to know who are the time wasters leading to increase in productivity.
  • Protect against Conflicts: Employee monitoring software can prevent the company from conflicts while working with clients as it gives accurate information about the time given to projects and help while billing the clients for their work.
  • Protect from Malware Attacks: Employee monitoring software can protect the company and business firms from various malware attacks as it prevents employees from downloading any content from suspicious sites that can hinder company’s welfare.

Cons of Employee Monitoring

  • Privacy Concerns: Employee monitoring have various privacy concerns in the mind of employees. They fear that they are being monitored even after working hours and that their personal conversations and passwords are at stake. There are few employers who monitor their employees without telling them which is not at all correct.
  • Lack of Potential Trust: Using network monitoring tools can lead to trust breakdown between the employer and the employee. The employee should show the employees that employee monitoring software is not to spy on them instead, it would lead to increase in their productivity.