In the modern era, every business wants to succeed in digital marketing by adopting site optimization for search engines and increasing traffic to the company’s website. This is a difficult process and to get excellent SEO services for your company, there is the problem of making a decision between hiring an in-house specialist and collaborating with a specialized SEO agency. Each of these choices has advantages and disadvantages that we will discuss in today’s article.

A key element in developing your business in the online environment is the organic search traffic to the company’s website through which you can attract more and more people who, although they do not know your brand, may be interested in the products or services offered. Over time, these new visitors, coming from non-brand organic traffic, can develop an attachment to the brand, they can turn into loyal customers and consumers who recommend the products or services offered in their circles of friends and acquaintances.

Any business that wants to grow and be sustainable in the long run, needs to constantly expand its customer base and consumers. Existing customers are extremely valuable because they already know the products or services offered and from them you can more easily obtain income through repeated sales or through various loyalty and loyalty programs. In addition, they can be excellent brand ambassadors and can help increase the number of customers through recommendations and redistribution of web pages on social networks.

In this context, increasing non-brand organic traffic is a vital strategy for business development and expanding the customer base through the website, whether you sell online or not. There are two main ways you can increase your organic search traffic:

  • by adding several pages on the site, optimized for keywords and phrases relevant to the products and services offered
  • optimization of current web pages for search engines (SEO)

SEO optimization of the site

As search engine algorithms are constantly updated and becoming more advanced, the SEO optimization process of a website becomes more complex and, in most cases, more difficult to manage by a single person. This is a crucial time for your business as you will have to decide whether to do it in-house, by hiring an SEO specialist, or if you choose to collaborate with an agency specialized and experienced in SEO optimization services.

A simple search on Google for the phrase “professional SEO optimization services” will find a lot of information about SEO optimization, many of which present methods that go hand in hand. There is a risk that, working superficially or using incorrect practices, you will make a wrong optimization of the website that will not bring you the desired results or you will wake up with penalties from search engines.


Therefore, in this article, we set out to discuss the advantages and disadvantages between hiring an SEO specialist (in-house) and choosing to collaborate with a specialized SEO agency.

Hiring an SEO Specialist in the company

A specialist, in any of the fields relevant to the company, is a very valuable asset for the organization. When we talk about SEO, we have no reason to make an exception: an SEO specialist within a company can bring significant added value through its activity, with a direct effect in increasing turnover, even if it does not make any sales or not.