The rental sector in Australia was estimated to be $8.3 billion in 2020. The equipment rental industry tends to profit from weaker economic situations like a decrease in discretionary income and a high debt-to-asset ratio in households. The increase in overall household numbers and businesses has increased the demand for equipment like a scrubber and dryer machine over the recent five years. The factors like decreased interest rates and low national unemployment allow many people to rent machines from the equipment rental industry.

When it comes to premises that receive excessive footfall, keeping them in good or well-maintained condition with regular and proper cleaning is very important. This cleaning process can be very time-consuming for industrial and commercial buildings by employing traditional methods like a bucket or mop. In such circumstances, a scrubber and dryer machine is helpful. Some of the benefits of this cleaning equipment are enumerated below.

1.   Safety

One of the valuable advantages of this floor equipment is its safety. These types of equipment allow safer cleaning when compared to all other traditional cleaning methods. These methods usually require plenty of water and also leave the flooring wet, slippery, and potentially unsafe for a prolonged time, even after cleaning.

In commercial premises, this could give rise to customers falling and hurting themselves, whereas, in an industrial setting, productivity may be affected as slippery areas must be avoided. The floors do not become wet after cleaning with this cleaning equipment because an inbuilt vacuum dries the cleaned surfaces as it moves along. This equipment is much safer and even more efficient.

2.   More hygienic

Many people do not understand that traditional methods can be unhygienic. When utilising a mop and bucket, there will be the usage of the same dirtied water over a large area while trying to clean the floor. This is counterintuitive because the cleaners automatically spread some germs and dust with each mop stroke.

Scrubber and dryer machines only use less water and do not work with used water throughout the cleaning process. Therefore, this enables a lot more effective and hygienic cleaning.

3. Time-saving

Especially in large premises such as sports halls, shopping malls, or warehouses, the cleaning process can take an extremely long time when traditional methods are used. This will generate high labour costs and also require a great deal of physical exertion.

A scrubber dryer will provide an efficient and fast cleaning solution that needs relatively less physical effort from the operator. There are other options like ride-on scrubber dryers that provide utmost comfort and ease to the operator. They are also easy to use, and heavy-duty cleaners can work for hours, requiring only minimal refilling.

4.   More effective

This cleaning equipment provides high-quality cleaning compared to a mop and bucket. This traditional method only spreads the dust instead of removing it from the floors. The equipment uses cleaning chemicals to eliminate and break down grime, dirt, grease, and dust. The scrubber removes the dirt and makes the floor shining. At last, the vacuum removes all residue. This leaves the floors exceptionally clean, with the equipment performing all the hard work.

5.   Hire

Hiring a scrubber and dryer machine is the perfect solution for those who wish to acquire its benefits but do not have the area to store one. This option can also be used by the ones who do not want to buy it. Professional scrubber dryers with high-performance can be used when needed. They result in good quality cleaning without any drawbacks.