Peter Loftin is not just an entrepreneur, he is also a great philanthropist. He donates huge sums of money for the development of society and thus serves the world in his own unique fashion. Being an art-lover, Peter has continuously put in his efforts for different initiatives that could help art and artists to come forward and show up in the world.

Peter Loftin Bought and Transformed Casa Casuarina to Provide Platform to Art and Art Lovers

He bought Casa Casuarina located in Miami, Florida; and then transformed this mansion to impress art lovers and performers. It is a large and famous event venue in today’s date where several artists dream to perform and gain recognition. Peter is a board member of Miami Beach Police Athletic League, and through this authority, he plays his role in helping the society at large.

Peter Has Donated Huge Sums for Medical Centres, Museums and Charities

Till now, Peter Loftin has donated $10 million to museums, charities and medical centres. His concern for proper medication for people has led him todonate huge amount of money to medical centres. Not to be forgotten, Peter is able to do these noble deeds because he has earned enough through his venture BTI (Business Telecom Inc.) that he had established in 1983. This enterprise got huge success in the private sector and so Peter could now think of investing his earnings into good deeds for society.

With the Success of BTI, Peter Had Become a Notable Entrepreneur in North Carolina Very Soon

BTI soon had become one of the most notable organizations in telecom sector and being in his mid-twenties, it was a great achievement for Loftin. Business North Carolina Magazine regarded Peter Loftin as North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year when the revenues of BTI crossed $400 million in the year 1999.

Loftin is a living legend when it comes to business and philanthropy. Budding or aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from his success and alsodraw inspirationfrom the facts about using his money for the welfare of the society and investing in all the things that interest him. However, concern about society was not something that Peter started learning later. Instead, he had his intentions built up with such thoughts. When he was in his twenties, then he had started an initiative to provide coats to the needy children and thus help them to face the unbearable winter in protective clothing.

Peter Loftin Promotes Children Education and Proper Youth Growth

Education and learning is something in which Peter Loftin has always liked to invest. BTI ran camps for children where they could get together and socialize. Also, they learnt to do a lot of productive work. Similarly, he cared for proper development of people during their youth. Therefore, he donated so much to Oak Ranch Facility, which was a centre to help youth in facing their challenges of life.

He is never behind when the country is in need and that is why during the terrorist attack on World Trade Centre in 2001, Peter donated a lot to the relief work that was going on. Also, he helped the officials at all possible levels to face the tragedy efficiently. Entrepreneurs like him are a gift to the society because they use their earnings for serving the world.