In June 2020, the American Council of Chemistry reported that the Chemistry industry is a $565 Billion Dollar enterprise. In other words, the Chemistry industry is booming. 

And it’s no wonder why. 

Chemical products are needed by many companies worldwide. Everyone from automakers to agricultural companies depend on the products of chemical companies. 

One of the best options in the 21st century is buying chemicals online. But how can you make sure your purchase is safe? 

This chemical buying guide will teach you all you need to know about making a safe purchase in the online chemistry market. 

Chemical Grades 

When you’re buying lab chemicals, one of the first things you want to think about is the grade of the chemical you’re purchasing. 

The grade of lab chemicals refers to how pure that chemical is. Chemical purity is an important consideration; it measures how many substances other than the chemical itself are mixed in. More chemicals are generally more reliable and more effective

Let’s take a look at some of the most standard chemical grades. 

Reagent Grade

Reagent grade chemicals are the highest grade (most pure) chemicals around. They always meet or exceed the standards set by the American Chemical Society. They’re great for scientific experiments and are sometimes even required for them.

While reagent grade chemicals are very pure, you don’t always need something that high-grade for business purposes. They’re often expensive and are only needed for some industries. 

Laboratory Grade 

Laboratory grade chemicals contain relatively high levels of purity. While there are some impurities found in them, they’re still reliable — and affordable — for lab usage.

Laboratory grade chemicals should never be used for food or medicine. If your business isn’t involved in food or medicine, this is a good option for you. 

Technical Grade

The least pure of all are technical grade chemicals. They contain impurities and are generally used for commercial and industrial purposes. They’re used for lower-grade options and are often supplied in bulk.

Just like laboratory grade chemicals, they should not be used for food or medicine. 


When you’re purchasing online chemicals, safety is key. Make sure that your company has safety standards in place, as well as a safe place to store the chemicals. 

Walk anyone who might be handling the chemicals through what they are and how they should be handled. Put into place a plan for safely disposing of any chemicals as well. 

Another important safety measure to consider is the reliability of your provider. You can’t control how reliable other people are, but you can choose to pick someone who is reliable. 

Reliably Buying Chemicals Online

If your business is purchasing chemicals, you should have a source you can rely on. The transportation of chemicals needs to be a smooth, safe process that you can afford. 

Umbrella Chemical is committed to reliably providing customers with high-quality chemicals that they can buy online. 

Finding a reliable provider is the last step in purchasing your chemicals, but an important one. 

Chemical Purchasing

If your company is in the market for chemicals, you’re not alone. Many businesses worldwide make use of them. After you’ve considered chemical grades, taken safety precautions, and found a reliable provider, you’re ready to start buying chemicals online. 

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