Girls know the struggle of finding and choosing the right colour of nail polish every time. No worries, it happened all the time. Based on an article, gel nail polish lasts on average of two to three weeks. Wise decision-making is used to pick the perfect nail colour to stand out and bring more confidence to the wearer. When in doubt, choose pink nail polish since nothing beats the pleasant sensation of finding the perfect pink nail polish for every season.

The best outfit deserves an eye-catching nail polish. A woman who is neatly dressed and polished from head to toe gets all the attention all the time. The shade of your manicure may greatly affect your look. There are many simple guidelines to keep shining with the perfect nail polish colour matching the wearer’s outfit.

In contrast with the outfit

When selecting a nail polish shade, depending on the chosen outfit, go for the opposite colour. This will make both the dress and the polished nails stand out in every way. Only make sure the colours are balanced to one another and do not conflict. The objective of this idea is to appear vibrant.  Choosing any two colours that are not identical to each other is the best way to try it. For example, cute pink nail polish will definitely stand out with a black matte dress and light colour heels. Trying different things all at once is a good way to know more about your preference.

Skin Tone Preference

Every skin colour is unique. Therefore, it deserves exclusive shades of nail polish for people who have a light to medium skin tone. Nude nail polish colour gives the wearer a matte finished look. Another option is to give it a little sprinkle of colour: to try a pinkish undertone or pink nail polish. Avoid picking beige and other yellow undertone shades. Brown to dark skin tones is best suited with nude, classic pastels, and white shades.

Choose Pink!

Girls love everything pink, and it does match every celebration out there. Pink is suitable for any skin type. It is not surprising that pink nail polish gives an extra boost to the overall outfit. For everyone who likes to feel the princess vibe and feel extravagant with exclusive nail colours, soft pink nail polish is a must-have. Make sure to top it up with a gloss topcoat for a super gloss finish.

Match it with the Occasion

Matte, pastel, neutral, metallic, and classical nail polish colour will make the wearer look elegant yet stylish. Do not hesitate to try colourful shades when going out with friends or want to be a little extra staying at home.


Caring for your nails is very important. Nail polish makes everyone look good by just giving minimal effort to decorate them. The best thing is that the nail polish colour can be changed anytime, anywhere in this modern time. Adding cute stickers and sparkles makes everything look fancy. A great way to boost one’s overall outfit is to choose the perfect nail colour to be more stylish.  There are no rules in creating unique fashion styles. Feel free to try anything to match your preference.