Working from home has become the new normal. Whether you are part of the growing number of entrepreneurs or you are an employee working from home for your 9-5, by now, you have likely created some version of a home office.

However, a temporary set-up is not a permanent solution. The condition of your working space can determine your productivity and level of motivation, making the design of your space one of the most essential items on your to-do list.

If you are working from home and are need to level up your home office design, here are several tips that will help.

1. Choose the Best Location

The first step in designing your work from home office is to choose the best location. You want to find a space with privacy, natural light, and a quiet environment. Choose this area carefully and make sure your family or roommates know it is off-limits during your work hours.

2. Give Yourself a View

While it may not seem important, giving yourself a view is ideal when working from your house. Bringing the outside in is not only nice to look at, but it also has many advantages. A view can make you feel focused, calm, and secure.

3. Focus on Ergonomics

When setting up your office, it’s essential to focus on making it as ergonomic as possible. This is not just your desk and chair, but also your workflow and everything within your reach, including accessories like desk name plates. Focusing on ergonomics will keep you healthy and productive while working at home.

4. Minimize Cords

No matter how attractive your office is, cord clutter can ruin your entire design. While some cords are necessary, you can successfully hide them, so they are not an eyesore in your space. There are several ways to hide your cords and still maintain full function in your office.

5. Make Use of Natural Light

If you chose a workspace with natural light, make sure to use it as much as possible. Natural light reduces eyestrain, improves sleep, encourages happiness, and more. Take advantage of any natural light you have in your space.

6. Add Plenty of Storage

Working in a space with limited storage can be a frustrating experience. Whether your work is paper-heavy or storing products, it’s essential to make sure your storage is effective. If the area doesn’t have storage, consider adding some to the space.

7. Don’t Forget Your Greenery

The benefits of adding greenery to your office are endless. Plants purify the air, reduce stress, increase productivity, boost creativity, and help keep you healthy. Add a few plants in your space to create a healthy work environment.

Use These Tips to Decorate Your Home Office

By using these tips, you can design a home office that is comfortable and increases your productivity.

Start by choosing a good location that has a nice view. You should also consider ergonomics, minimize cord clutter, make use of natural light, and add plenty of storage. Finish your design by bringing the outside in with a variety of plants.

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