There is something catchy about regular and traditional advertisement banners, even at the age of digitisation and digital signage advertisements. Not only are they reliable, but they are also quick to turn eyes and colourful enough to make an impression. Hundreds of custom printed mesh banners are in use throughout Australia, with stadiums, universities and organisations promoting their services using these large banners. 

In a corporate world where even the slightest setback is a huge disadvantage, businesses cannot rely on regular marketing anymore. Without an effective advertisement scheme, it is difficult for companies to promote their brand, product or service and, in turn, they are more prone to the risk of loss. And this is where mesh banners come in. When placing advertisement banners, the only thing to deal with is getting permission or a legal permit from the government or the city council first. 

With their numerous benefits, take a look at some of the reasons why companies implement the use of large mesh banners with custom prints to promote products and market services: 

Mesh Banners Are Durable

As far as digital banners are concerned, mesh banners don’t succumb to heavy rains or strong winds. As they have small holes embedded throughout the banner (hence the name “mesh banners”), the total weight gets reduced and creates an aerodynamic space for air to pass without restriction. This makes them resistant to extreme weather conditions that give a hard time for other banner types. 

Customisable for Any Brand

Companies can make custom printed mesh banners to increase their brand awareness and promote their services in harsh work conditions like construction sites. In addition, people can place these banners facing large areas, increasing the brand’s exposure to oncoming pedestrians and people. 

Perfect for Inaccessible or Large Areas

As mentioned before, mesh banners can span over large distances. They also act as a barrier that provides sufficient space for marketing. 

Weighs Less

Unlike digital banners, the ones made of mesh fabric weigh less, owing to their design that includes a porous surface. They can easily be hung on surfaces that are otherwise incapable of taking on heavy objects or weight. Also, they are easy to be handled and transported owing to their less weight. 

Resistant to Strong Winds 

Having a mesh surface also owes another advantage: they are resistant to strong winds that can otherwise tear up regular banners in a heartbeat. Tiny holes allow air to pass through, and no one will see them blowing around in heavy winds, which is key in making these banners readable even in strong weather conditions. Their porous design also makes them more elastic and able to take on more stress.

Partially Transparent

Mesh banners also work well against a sunlight background that gives these banners an elegant appearance, thanks to all the gaps between the weaves.

They Don’t Cost Much

Mesh Banners cost less when you consider the cost per square foot of space occupied compared to other types of banners. This makes them an efficient tool for marketing and advertising purposes. 

There are hundreds of types  customized door hanger advertisements. They, being environmentally friendly and cost-effective, provide organisations with a simple yet effective way to promote their brand in an age of digitalisation.