Do you want to know new promotions to increase sales in your shoe store? We tell you 5 promotions that you can apply in your store to sell more. Discover them.

Getting the attention of our future customers through promotions is increasingly difficult due to the high percentage of stores that carry them out. Continuous price drops or discounts are becoming more common and causing a surprise effect in such a competitive situation becomes impossible. Therefore, we need innovative methods in our shoe store promotions to increase sales. Take note of what we offer you. Here are the 5 shoe business ideas like best rated.

  1. Make a direct gift to your buyers

A gift is the perfect incentive to attract new customers to your business. Usually, promotions of this type consist of receiving a gift when buying a certain number of times in our business. However, the problem with this type of offer is that it must be a very succulent gift for the customer to be willing to buy in our store on several occasions, especially when they do not know us. A direct gift, on the contrary, is perfect to achieve impact on new customers

To attract them we must think very highly of them and propose something that will really make them look like a ticket to enjoy with their children in the amusement park or the cinema. The ideal is to contact these types of companies and reach agreements that benefit both of you. Thus, we could offer these gifts for the purchase of € 50 in children’s footwear.

  1. Package the products and offer impressive kits

A perfect strategy to increase sales and get rid of excess stock is the product packs. To carry out an attractive promotion for our customers, we have to take into account what they need at each station and, at the same time, include the products that are having the least output in our store at a lower price than the sale separately.

An idea that does not fail is to make packs taking into account the fashionable characters among the smallest. As a distributor of children’s licenses, we have footwear of your favorite characters. For example, you can include this promotion in your store: Feel like a real superhero with Batman sneakers and backpack of the moment.

  1. Shoe store promotions

Can you imagine how many families would come to your store if you make a storyteller in your shoe store or an event where the favorite characters of the little ones are found? Experiences are all the rage and offering an extra incentive to your customers is the best way to encourage them to buy more.

During these types of events, while the little ones enjoy the animations you have prepared, parents will visit your store discovering products and promotions for their children.

  1. Offer shocking discounts for a limited time

Offering discounts at your shoe store during the sale period no longer has as great an impact as before since all the stores around it also have offers in these months.

On the other hand, if we offer greater discounts for a limited time, we will fill our store by diverting customers from our competition. For this, we must give great visibility to our promotion through ads on social networks and offline advertising .

  1. Organize raffles with numerous prizes

Since the beginning of the economic crisis, raffles have been a great incentive to attract customers to our business. The usual thing in the past was to attract the attention of our public with a grand prize that invited them to buy in our store.

However, if there is only one great gift, people think it will not be their turn and participate less. Therefore, we must choose to conduct raffles with numerous small prizes to attract more customers. An example could be the raffle of 20 tickets for the premiere of the new Disney movie. The entries for the raffle must be granted when a customer buys from our business to increase sales.