Towel warmers or rails are sure to end up painting an imaginary, fancy picture in your head. However, you may just have to re-think this. While they may certainly appear to look fancy at the onset, their practical benefits outdo their appearance. You may also wonder how the benefits of heated towel rails in winter do not outweigh the warmer days of summer? 

Towel rails have year-round benefits and don’t just require a cold day to do their job. Here are some reasons to consider it and make it your next valuable buy:

Lets You Maintain Bathroom Hygiene

Maintaining hygiene in a space that is as intimate as a bathroom is extremely crucial. The mood inside the bathroom affects not just your physical but also overall mental well-being. While having scented oils and candles and aromatic diffusers are a great add-on, towel rails get the basics right by helping keep the bathroom dry when they are turned on. They function on the technology of heated fluids that cause convection currents to form, which in turn end up heating the surrounding area. Hence, a towel rail can do more than just providing you with soft, warm towels.

Adds a Stylish Touch

No one enjoys the sight of damp towels loosely hanging from a basic bathroom rail. To add to that, it gets much worse if you have your clothes along. Not only does this fare poorly on hygiene grounds, but it makes your entire bathroom look cluttered and utterly unappealing. Adding a nice towel rail will give a nice, clean and stylish look to your bathroom. Considering the time you will be spending inside cleaning and unwinding, why not create a space that will enable you to enjoy your time inside? 

Saves on Electricity Costs

You have more than one reason to opt for heated towel rails. Perhaps a favourite one. These towel rails are available to install in electric and eco-friendly hydronic options, thereby consuming less electricity per unit and reducing your overall power costs. It won’t be too much to say that if you’re looking to invest in something valuable for your home, towel rails make the cut. Not only do they enable a hygienic and aesthetically appealing bathroom, but they also help you save on your electricity bill!

Hassle-Free Towel Maintenance

Towel rails are, well, not just towel rails but a boon when maintaining those microfibres. They ensure they save you the time and effort of washing and having to dry your towel often. You can only imagine this plight manifold during monsoons. These heated rails deem your towel fit for use in the long run.

Manages Stress Levels 

How about having your very own sauna in your very own bathroom! Though nothing compares to a full-fledged regular sauna, the heat from the rails are enough to offer a glimpse of your private sauna experience. Bring in the candles, place some fresh flowers and leave the worldly stress right outside your bathroom. Though merely heated rails, they are capable of offering you a calming and refreshing experience and helping you manage your stress so much better.

From maintaining hygiene, cutting costs to creating a relaxing environment and enabling better towel maintenance, towel warmers tick every box and give you sufficient reasons to add them to your bathroom.