The functioning of an office significantly depends upon the stationery that is available in the premises. Having the perfect office stationery is as important as having the right employees. Therefore, if you are looking forward to setting up your office, the stationery provided to the employees is one of the first few things that you should consider purchasing. Here is what you should do for proper office stationery management:

  • Create a Proper List: A list would help you keep track of what kind of office stationery you require. This depends upon your requirements and usage. Before ordering office supplies from reputed websites like, make a proper list that includes everything from a pen, pencil, and eraser to a calculator, calendar, clock, and more depending upon your requirements and usage. Common stationery like stapler and A4 sheets are a must-have and you should put them on the top of the list.
  • Check out Online Stationery Shops for Great Discounts: Websites that offer office-related supplies like desks, chairs, printers, and other peripherals also have office stationery. These websites have stationery items, which are specifically designed for offices. If you require a special kind of stationery for your office, then you should request the online websites for custom-made supplies.
  • Organize Them Properly: Generally, when you purchase office stationery, it is common for the entire office. It would save a ton of your time if you organize them properly. For example, if you are running a designer’s office, it would be highly productive if drawing canvas is the first thing available and paint brushes and paints are the last things available. This way, your employees wouldn’t waste much time searching for the required stationery. They can just go and collect the stationery from its place and replace it after use.
  • Maintain Inventory: If you are running a big office, some stationery items are bound to go missing. It is important that you keep a track of everything that an employee borrows so that the employees know that the supplies are not easy to steal. This way, you wouldn’t have to keep replacing office stationery again and again. The employees will also stay loyal and return the stationery.

Purchasing and managing office stationery is often a tedious task. Therefore, use the above mentioned tips to make your job really easy.