To ensure the success of your business, you need to make sure you maintain your commercial building. This refers to each part of your building.

However, there are some parts, like the roof, that are overlooked. After all, it’s not too often that you are on your building’s roof, right?

While this is true, it is still a good idea to get to know the signs you need commercial roof repair. Keep reading to learn what these signs are.

  1. Moisture Issues

It’s important to note that your commercial roof is not watertight. As time passes, moisture may infiltrate the surface and cause serious problems for your building’s environmental controls.

Water stains on the ceiling and high humidity levels will increase rodent and insect problems. As water enters through your roof, it will soak into the insulation and down into the interior walls. As the problem persists, it will only get worse and cause more issues.

If you are concerned about this issue, it is good to call the professionals from for a full evaluation.

  1. Damaged Roof Flashing

The metal edge that runs across your roof’s perimeter is the flashing. It is an important part of keeping water out of your commercial building.

The purpose of flashing is to seal the joints and other areas that receive excessive water and prevent leaks from causing more issues to your roofing system.

Look at the metal details. Is it rusting, damaged, or bent? If the flashing isn’t properly sealed, water may begin to seep into the roofing system and result in the need for expensive roof repairs or even complete replacement.

  1. Bubble or Blisters

The combination of time, heat, and moisture can cause blistering and bubbling in your roof surface. If blisters form, they can let moisture in.

When moisture infiltrates your roof, it will cause significant damage to the structure.

If you don’t seek repairs or service for these issues, the total lifespan of your commercial roof will be reduced.

  1. Sagging Areas

The roof on your commercial property has several purposes. One is to keep the rain away. However, it’s also tasked with protecting your building from potential water damage.

A quality roof will act as an insulating material and prevent your commercial building from losing warmth when it is cold and reduce the heat inside during the summer months.

If you have found your energy bills are going up, don’t assume that another issue causes it. Having your roof assessed now is a smart move.

Getting to Know the Top Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair

As you can see from the information above, there are more than a few signs it is time for commercial roof repair. Knowing what these signs are half the battle and will let you know when it is time to call the professionals.

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