We may live in a digital world, but that doesn’t mean that digital mail is more effective than direct mail marketing. In fact, did you know that consumers only open about 21% of their emails compared to almost 90% of their direct mail?

Direct mail marketing is physical mail that is printed and sent to potential clients or customers directly to their mailbox. This form of advertising has stood the test of time in spite of the growth of social media and email advertising. 

Want to know why?

Read below for 4 major advantages of direct mail advertising.

  1. Less Competition

How many pieces of mail were in your mailbox yesterday? Now compare that number to the number of emails and Facebook ads you saw. Every day people are inundated with digital forms of advertising but direct mail printing is slowing down.

You can take advantage of this trend by starting your own direct mail campaign. Instead of trying to compete on an already saturated digital platform, use the mail instead. Your material will instantly stand out and be remembered.

  1. Save Money

Direct mail and printing are often less expensive than digital forms of marketing. You get more value from direct mail services than sending out thousands of ads to people that won’t pay attention to them.

You can make your sales and advertising budget go further when you choose to target the right customers and send them direct mail that they will open and remember.

  1. Building Your Brand

You don’t need a YouTube channel or a viral Tik Tok video to build a brand. You can appeal to your ideal customer while building your brand and brand loyalty through a direct mail campaign.

First, people consider direct mail is more trustworthy than email. Cybersecurity issues have left people feeling uneasy about the brands they see online. But when you use direct mail you are cementing your brand as one that can be trusted.

Create direct mail advertising that has memorable branding. This will encourage your audience to keep opening the mail you send. They remember your brand, what you offer, and that they want more.

  1. Personal and Tangible

Direct mail advertising is inherently more personal than an online ad. The envelope has the customer’s name and address. The content of the marketing material should also be personal, such as using local references and pictures.

You can hold direct mail in your hand – you can put it on the countertop, next to your bedside table, or on top of the laundry. This piece of mail is harder to lose than an email ad you think you remember seeing about a week ago. So when a customer sees the advertising mail on their way to their laptop, they might take it with them and see what it’s all about.

Start Your Direct Mail Marketing Today

Experience the power of direct mail marketing for yourself! Start printing and mailing advertising materials right away and build your brand and customer base.

Increase your return on investment while spending less money and energy on advertising. Don’t underestimate how direct mail can change your business forever.

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