When buying accessories for your personal bathroom at home, picking out which ones to buy isn’t as simple as knowing which of them functions properly. Some of us may already be content with the fact that a toilet bowl in Singapore works normally, but others might want to find particular elements that cater to their preferences. An example of this would be enjoying a wide showerhead with more holes than usual. This kind of shower head covers a wider range when used, which causes your showering experience to feel like you’re bathing in the rain.

It all boils down to what you want from your bathroom accessories, and this includes the sink faucet. The sink faucet may seem like an accessory that doesn’t require you to ponder for too long, but there are still some factors that need to be taken into account before purchase.

1. Temperature

If you want your handshower to produce warm water for your bath, then having a heater installed will help you obtain the comfort you desire. This goes the same for the faucet of your sink. Some people don’t like washing their hands under extremely cold water, especially when the weather is already below ten degrees. If you want your sink to have the ability to change the water’s temperature, then you should find a faucet that is capable of doing so. Aside from three holes, it will also need two separate handles for cold and hot water.

2. Style

Style isn’t entirely necessary when picking out a faucet, but it still helps to match the interior design you picked out for your bathroom. A bathroom with a traditional design wouldn’t suit a sink with the latest faucet design. Smooth geometric shapes and chrome finishes are more fitting for modern bathrooms. A cross handle with an antique bronze colour is most likely the kind of style you find in a traditional interior design.

3. Filtration System

Some people find going all the way downstairs to get a glass of water in the middle of the night too much of a hassle. If you find yourself thirsty at two in the morning and don’t want to waste time climbing down the stairs to replenish yourself, you can get a bathroom sink from Singapore that has a filtration system built inside its faucet. You no longer need to worry about paying a visit to your fridge at midnight or buying more bottled water wherever you go outside. Instead, you can just get filtered water from the comfort of your own bathroom.

4. Water Conservation

Leaks always become a problem after you have already purchased a faucet. The amount of water that drips from your faucet every minute may not look concerning at first, but it can waste up to 500 gallons of water per year if you don’t put a stop to it immediately. Although broken pipes may be the reason behind the leakage, a lousy faucet design can also be another cause. When replacing your old faucet, it’s best to look for the latest faucet design that is aerated. Aerated faucets have a lower flow rate than non-aerated faucets, which means less water is used.

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