Extraction of marijuana has changed a lot in the past few years as the demand for these concentrates is increasing day by day. The black oil, which was acceptable once in hash form, has completely disappeared due to the development of a technology known as closed loop extraction. This is the best way of extracting THC when you set them up properly. Here are four advantages of using closed loop extractors:

  • Closed Loop Extraction is Safe: This is one of the most obvious advantages of LeDab closed loop extractors. It provides higher safety than the earlier method of open blasting. BHO extraction is risky when it comes to open extraction. Many inexperienced people have tried open extraction and ended up blowing themselves up. With the help of closed loop extraction, no butane can escape as it is completely sealed off, thus providing much greater safety.
  • It Is More Efficient: Closed loop systems are naturally under greater pressure when compared to the open systems as they increase the time between butane and raw cannabis. This increased interface time doesn’t affect the solubility directly in any meaningful way. It just allows for a more complete extraction. This makes closed loop extraction much more efficient.
  • Closed Loop Extraction Product Is of Highest Quality: The most flavorful, strongest, and most cosmetically pleasant concentrates of cannabis have been produced using closed loop extraction systems. Closed loop extraction systems aren’t just efficient, but provide a properly controlled environment specifically designed for cannabis extraction. Due to this reason, their concentrates are of highest quality.
  • They Are Easier to Be Set Up: When it comes to open extraction, you need a well ventilated room with protection masks so that you don’t accidentally inhale butane. But, with the help of closed loop extraction, all you need is closed loop extractor and a vacuum pump. This means that you don’t need a specific room setup or any other kind of hassle for establishing your cannabis extraction setup.

These four advantages clearly show that closed loop extraction is the best way of extracting cannabis concentrates from raw marijuana. The controlled nature allows for different levels of concentrate extractions that make the closed loop extraction process perfect for someone who is just starting in the cannabis industry. If you already have an industry setup, you can still use this extraction technique to increase the efficiency and quality.